You can find a scattering of these at Youtube, along with “Soundies,” an even earlier expression of the concept (and still often fun to see).

Great idea--but poorly executed, IMO. Who wants to stand there and watch a full-length movie (especially if it also required you to hold your arms up like that!)? If the screen were more at sitting level, it might have been a good idea for airports and bus stations--wherever people need to wait a long time.

I never heard of Scopitones, either. I had no idea there was such a thing as these.
Just saying that this post triggered a brief obsession with those things, and 50s/60s music last night.
There are a bunch of Scopitones on YouTube, which is pretty much the Scopitone of the future. A few of my kitschy favorites, a couple of which are mostly thin excuses for girls in revealing outfits: