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After heeding all of this advice, our trusty duo picked up a few giant bottle-shaped traps at a Siberian trading post, and argued over what they should use as bait. Oates won the argument, and they loaded their shopping cart with ...


... soap, because everyone knows how the scent of fresh suds gets babies running. Laden with bars of soap Hall and Oates trekked into the wilds of Siberia, where suddenly they came upon...
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It looks like they used a typewriter for most of the text. Also, why would wartime mean more dishes to wash, I wonder?
I can think of a few examples. Maybe a diner, etc now has more customers due to more workers nearby, or if it's near a military base, there would be more soliders. And in the home, there might be more people sharing housing due to wartime housing shortages, or having to take infamily members.