Eh...? They look no more vapid than most people in ads do. Especially ads of this era, when women were really kind of expected not to have opinions of their own.
Really? To me they look like robotic Stepford Wives or maybe doped up with their frozen smile as they stare blankly at the man in front of them. Very odd expressions to me.
I'm not totally disagreeing with that, just disagreeing that it is in any way unusual to see women portrayed that way in advertising, especially from the 50s. I've seen LOTS worse on here and elsewhere! They might be odd expressions on a real person, but they seem pretty tame in this context.
My mum used to insist on pink bulbs for our chandelier in our living room. I totally forgot about that. I wonder if it really did make a difference. She was not fussy by nature - she always talked about wanting to move back to the farm, actually, so to her it must have been really obvious.
She did actually grow up with oil lamps in her house - maybe she was recreating that glow!
I remember these. The pink bulbs in particular. My sister had pink bulbs in her bedroom.
I'm all for color-coordination, but coordinating the room decor, light bulbs AND your outfits?

"Sorry, dear. I can't go into the living room, my dress doesn't match the drapes and light bulbs..."

Actually I like the idea of lighting that's in colors other than the standard white or yellow. Right now my room is lit partially with ambient light from multicolored LED rope lights surrounding the top corners of the room.