"Leave, already! How can I fool around behind your back if you won't go away!"
"Goddammit Bob's going to be here in FIVE MINUTES, I don't want to have to EXPLAIN THAT!"
If you insist on complete certainty...you cut the brake lines. You don't rely on a blowout to do the job for you.
Same thought I have. Looks like he's waiting for the plan to happen, impatiently.
but we got the BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AWESOME!! I'm in Akron---North Hill! Then you might understand how/why i'll fly outside every time the BLIMP flies over my house---did it the other day!! :) and it's GOTTA be the GOODYEAR blimp, no other blimp is THE BLIMP!
One night my parents were sitting outside on the porch, when they saw a weird set of lights in the sky. They thought it was a UFO, until the light turned...and they saw it was THE BLIMP!!

I'm in Youngstown now, after a long absence from Ohio.
Did Hitchcock commission these or something? This one totally looks like it could be a poster for Rear Window.
Let's see: convertible with top down. Check. Upper-story window. Check. Okay, the practice run went well. I'm all set to go to Dallas!