Even though he's missing a random, stray whisp of flour across his head to show how hard he worked.

And to me, her face isn't saying, "You made me a pie!" It's saying, "You've had that pie in the oven for how long, and you didn't use that time to clean up the counter?"
"Look who's using a font color that makes the word 'pie' disappear into a nest of hairas"
Mmm sweet potato pie! I love it. Now I'm craving my grandma's sweet potato pie.

This actually looks like a candid moment captured on film, which is rare, I think.

I think she's going to owe him a new shirt in a few moments, after she rips that one off of him. Can't say as I blame her a bit.
I love the sheer joy and I want to eat that.

It took me a second or so to see the word "pie" though.