OMG! That looks like a NON-electric sandwich maker that works on a stove (or campfire?)

For a while (late 70s? early 80s?) dozens of companies sold electric sandwich makers/heaters/cookers on TV infomercials. This was way BEFORE the George Foreman grill, which does all that and more.

I wonder if the Toas-Tite proves prior art to the patent for crustless peanut butter & jelly sandwiches?
Because we used to make those on camping holidays (and only then), Exactly the same but they were called jiffies. We used to make savoury ones (e.g. minced beef and veges, cheese and onion) and dessert (apples and sultanas) - yum!

This reminds me of 4-H Camp. We had an Outdoor Cooking class where we made those kind of sandwiches. The device we used was square.
I've had pudgy pies while camping! I filled mine with so much canned cherry filling, I'm surprised my pancreas still functions today.