please put 'contest entry' in your subject line....thank you! :)

Raisin pie is actually surprisingly good. A bit like mince, but milder.
Huh. This looks horrifying to me, but my partner would love it. Do you have a version where the recipe is visible?

I'll be making it for him in hand-pie form, so there's no chance I'll have to eat any of it!

Ooooh thanks tons! I'll try that one as well - now I have two to try. I wonder which he'll like.

I like raisins - I may be the only one in my family who does. But raisin pie?

Although, now I'm thinking, "what if it were raisinet (chocolate-covered raisins) pie"
Energy food? I guess that's a way of saying that your pancreas will be sorely tested to put out enough insulin to deal with all those raisins.