Because when your financial support and social standing depended entirely on your husband's approval (not to mention that, if so inclined, he could beat you up pretty bad with little to no consequences), his preferences are the only ones that matter.

(Not that this was something you normally overtly thought about, nor that all men were bullies and abusers, but there was an atmosphere back then, an unspoken acknowlegment of who really had the power in the home and how few options everyone else had. Which is part of why I can't watch Mad Men -- too triggery.)
Yep. I gather that my Grandma's family in the 50s were far more shocked and offended that she'd divorced a bishop( Mormon, so celibacy not required or even recommended) for beating her than that a supposed Man of God would be beating his wife. She was quite a brave lady in many ways, when I really think about it.
My man's favorite pie is pumpkin. But I'm sure he'd happily settle for peach or cherry. :-)
My husband's favorite is whatever I feel like making for him, dammit. >:|
I can't read the one above raspberry.

And, why oh why would I "check" my husband's favorite pie? Why not mine, since I'm making it?

Pumpkin sound really good, so does pecan, chocolate, banana cream....oh, wait! There's only one crust with those. Scratch that!

We'll have a salad pie made with tomatoes-stewed-and a soup pie made with caramelized onions and spam tips, and main course pie with gelatinized whole chicken, potatoes and lima beans, topped off with a dessert pie of stewed prunes.

Make it with canned or frozen fruit. Just because it's your husband's favorite doesn't mean he gets fresh ingredients. Gotta draw the line somewhere.
Only MEN eat pie. Teh wimmens are just there to make it--preferably whilst barefoot and pregnant.
edit: nevermind. I can't read!

Great post, though!

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They're one of my favourite berries. My grandparents had several bushes - yum! They are sweet when very ripe, but can also be a bit sour and tart if not very ripe. I don't know what to compare them to - a bit like grapes, perhaps, with a touch of kiwi.
Maybe I need to go buy some tomorrow - it's been a very long time since I had any.
That gooseberry one makes me miss my grandma; I haven't had a gooseberry pie since she died in 1987. I always loved a tart pie--gooseberry and rhubarb were big favorites with me.
MY husband's favorite pie is mine.


Oh god. I had to go there. I'm (figuratively) 12.
There's just something about any kind of pineapple pie that makes me want to move far, far away from it.
I agree. The more of these old ads I see with it, the more I think that pineapple pie was a thing that deserved to die out & fade into obscurity (raisin, too).