Functional Pains? That covers everything! I must have some! (And I love the clothes fashions here.)
My heaven is The Time Between the Wars. (Without the terrible political upheaval and attitudes, of course.)
What is going on here? I can't figure out the relationship between these people. Are they sister-wives, is this a 1930s "Big Love" situation?
I was wondering that, myself.

I think that's Dad, and the woman with the brown hat, fox, and drugs is Mom. They have three daughters and were about to go on an outing, but one of the two eldest daughters has a headache.

A headache? Oh no, this trip is ruined! Ruined, if not for Dr.Miles and his penny-a-pill drugs!
Only it's not really a headache. She's having menstrual cramps, but she's too embarrassed to say so in front of Dad. So Mom gives her the pills and says, "Take these, dear. These will help you with your, um, functional pains."

Little Sis looks on and thinks, "Oh crap. That's going to be me in a few years, isn't it?"
Dr. Miles, makers of Dr. Miles Nervine, Alka-Seltzer, and later on, One-A-Day and Flintstones.

Now bought out and owned by Bayer, inventors of Heroin and Aspirin.
I wondered what was in these, and it turns out it was acetanilide, which metabolizes to something you've heard of: acetaminophen/paracetamol.
Thanks! I was wondering what the active ingredient was. So these actually did some good for pain!