Tuesday Two-fer: Sunburn Season

I apologize if this brings up painful sunburn memories (it sure does for me).  It also brings up Noxzema memories (tell me I'm not the only one who likes that smell!)  What they don't say is that Noxzema will saturate your bedding and make it smell forever, and spray-on "first aid" hurts like a mofo on sunburns.  Getting "Solarcained" was only slightly less painful than a smack on the back.

Noxzema, 1953


This one has its own unpleasant vibes and even more disturbing connections to The Simpsons...


I love Noxema! My uncle used to grow loofahs, and he'd send them to us by the bag full. Noxema and a fresh loofah was all I needed for skin care in my teens.
They're a plant, very fibrous and rough, with seeds in them. My uncle would send them by the bag full, and we'd have to pick out the seeds and cut the loofahs to the size we want and so on. They're not naturally as smooth like you get when you buy a loofah scrubby pad from the store.