IF - I am remembering correctly - though - Hotel Breakers - now owned by the Cedar Faire Company is still there. It was a hotel built in the 1920's
Yes, as writergirl says, it is still there. The apt complex in the last picture on the right was still there ladt time I went 4 yrs ago. It was/is used as dormitories for the.employees.
Hotel Breakers is definitely still there - the original 1920's building, along with a fairly new expansion. My husband and I stay there every year (I've gone every summer since I was six years old).

I love this park. Besides having the best coasters in the world, it's kept very clean, the staff is usually courteous and friendly, the food is just as scrumptious as it is bad for you, and it has a warm, familiar atmosphere that no other amusement park I've been to has (though that may be personal to me since I've been going there all my life). Summer wouldn't be summer without a trip to Cedar Point.
Yeah, I miss it. We live abt 1 HR west of Chicago now, and when we have time to go home to Cleveland, we visit family & friends. So we haven't been there in abt 4 yrs.