Lagoon Amusement Park

Since in my state we are lucky( sort of---some of us just plain can't afford the $50 admission these days, alas! I went as a kid a few times, though) to still have an independently running amusement park that has been there since 1896, so I went through the Digital Newspaper archives to see what I could find to fit this weekend theme.

Amazingly, an ad in 1915 with Swastikas and mention of "Adolph" is completely innocent of Nazi references. 20 years later this would mean something very different!

Four more under the cut:

The catchphrase "Swim In Water Fit to Drink!" was used up through the 1950s---I don't think I quite believe them!


You know, I am honestly not sure how that got attached in there---I posted it separately a few months ago. Maybe they have the same image title or something but odd that one line of HTML links both then.