I used to have one of these mirrors too...they were a lot of fun even though I didn't understand the lighting settings!
I still have one of these that my grandmother gave me as a kid, but I have no idea if it still works.
My mum had one of these when I was growing up - I thought it was magic! I'm quite sure we never used the light settings for their intended use, rather to just get a laugh.
I have faint memories of my mom having one of these in the 80s when I was little. I think I played with the lights on it too.
When I was staying at my parent's last spring, I used the very one we bought Mom for Mother's Day back in the seventies. Daylight setting still rocks for tidying your eyebrows. :)
My older sisters had one! And, yep, I played with it and the weird reversible mirror. Fun for a kid that didn't wear makeup.
My parents gave me one in high school, but the bulbs burned out my first semester in college. They were some special fluorescent type that were so expensive to replace that I didn't bother. I kept using the mirrors, though.

I know it's a bad scan, but in the middle it looks like she's wearing camouflage for the zombie apocalypse and on the right she looks really sunburned.
Oh, I totally understand. I didn't mean to suggest you were sloppy or anything. I have posted ads that looked a lot worse than this! These things tend to show their age and in the older ads the printing techniques weren't that great to begin with. The greenish hues on the middle of her face just made me think "zombie" so it's actually a great ad for this time of year. Use one of these mirrors to apply your Halloween makeup! :D
I have one of these mirrors, I got it 25 years ago and still use it every day and I have never had to change the light bulbs!!
I had one of these for both my mom's and my dad's house, used one up until I had to stop working in 2007, and in fact, that one is lurking under my bathroom counter right now! Recently I came upon a picture of me and my homecoming date in 1990...the picture was taken with flash and my makeup looks all wrong. I'm completely sure that I set the mirror to evening and proceeded accordingly. It wasn't so bad, I suppose, because my date, who was a summer camp friend of mine, hardly saw me in the light. He wasn't into dancing (I'm still not sure why he accepted to be my date to a dance) and we ended up going outside and taking a walk around the track for a while. An almost total waste of a Jessica McClintock dress and Dyeables shoes.

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I got one of these as a wedding present a few years ago. Still haven't quite figured it out, but the mirrors are nice!