It's not a Party without Stalin! In Soviet Russia, the Christmas Party finds you!
I know whenever I see Hitler and Stalin mentioned I instantly think of Christmas festivities.
Look, when you've got inventory to move, you've got inventory to move. Any flimsy, made up excuse will do.
I was just thinking the other day, "You know what would make Christmas really fun? Showing up as Stalin. Yeah, that'd be a blast!"
And I'm sure your guests will make faces too, if you show up to the party as Hitler or Stalin. Or, apparently even worse, a clown!
I guess if you really hate your company's holiday parties and wanted to put an end to them for good, this would work. If you are tired of working altogether and your boss is a Hanukkah observer, be sure to go with the Hitler. It says you can even drink with your friends while wearing these. Well, you can drink, anyway. With your friends? Yeah, not so much. You're on your own here, pal.

If they had to clear out some stock before the end of the year, why not use the "makes a great gift" approach? They don't, obviously, but at least it's better than this dumbass idea.

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I guess the Hitler mask is for neo-Nazi's kids. He brings them gifts instead of Santa. Riding in a Messerschmitt, of course.
You KNOW you're in trouble when HITLER and the CLOWN are the cute ones...
i literarly laughed out loud at Hitler! less see, old man, girl, ape, hitler, mussolini, stalin, clown,... waitaminnit, Hitler?!? and he looks so rosey and happy....