Infocom Games (1985)

Gamers of the '80s rejoice! Four games for only $7.95!

Wait a minute. Samplers? You mean demos? Those should be FREE

Infocom BL Oct 85 

"It's almost too fun to be healthy." Almost. 

Anyone ever play these? Were they any good? 
I have never finished Zork. I always got lost after finding only half of the treasures. And I have only once ever been eaten by a grue. It's not as likely as you think.

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Infocom owned me for part of my teen years. I LOVED their games so much. Zork was soooooo much fun but my favorite was the text adventure Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy they put out.
Probably so, but when I did some digging around for Zork, I found a lot of questionable looking sites and dead links. I was scared of picking up a virus or something so I gave up.

My 12-year-old son has downloaded a lot of vintage games. He's the resident expert on these things so I should probably ask him.
Ah ... Infocom.

>>You are in an office. You see a letter here.
>Pick up letter
>>You see no letter here!
>>You are in an office. You see a letter here.
>Get letter
>>You see no letter here!

This could go on for hours.

I still have a near complete collection of Infocom games, some with the original packaging and art work.

Hmmm... I really should scan all the artwork.