Angel Face Makeup with Cosmetic Silicones

The premise of this campaign is that you can buy different colors of makeup to make it possible to wear different colors well. Which mostly seems like a way to try to sell five times the amount of makeup.

LIFE Jan 25, 1960 angel face skin tone makeup

LIFE Feb 29, 1960 angel face skin tone

LIFE Apr 4, 1960 angel face skin tone makeup

I hope to god those are stick-on brooches.

LIFE May 9, 1960 angel face skin tones pin ouch

LIFE Jul 11, 1960 angel face skin tone makeup

LIFE Sep 19, 1960 angel face skin tone makeup spread

LIFE Oct 17, 1960 angel face skin tones

LIFE Jan 20, 1961 angel face foundation skin tones

I believe we've seen this one before and a bunch of us wanted the necklaces.

LIFE Feb 17, 1961 angel face skin tone

LIFE Apr 28, 1961 angel face skin tone makeup

I totally covet those big chunky necklaces too.

LIFE Jun 9, 1961 angel face skin tone makeup

LIFE Oct 27, 1961 angel face skin tone makeup

LIFE Nov 24, 1961 angel face skin tone
Is it just me, or do the colors used on the right make her look older?
I wish makeup packaging was still as lovely as it was in the sixties.
It's not that far off of the old Color Me Beautiful season thing. People do have undertones to their skin, so I can sort of see adjusting makeup to help accent your skin/clothes. But changing your skin tone? I bet outside of the studio the makeup here just looked off-kilter, like when you see pale women wearing too much bronzer.

However, I love this ads. I also want those beaded necklaces. Not the ones on the Mrs. Brady clone, the black and green. I also think the blonde looks better in lime.
i carefully inspected all the charts and the descriptions, and ALL of these women (except for a few of the last ones, when they updated the powder options) are "olive" and "dark olive", even though I'm pretty sure that the blondes and redheads aren't olive skin.

what is up with that?

also, can you imagine how much powder they must go through to get it on their necks and shoulders and everything, too? eeesh.
I've got a makeup book from the late 60s/early 70s, and it advises you to buy two shades of foundation, one that matches for daytime wear, and one two shades darker for a "glamourous tanned evening look". Can you imagine how bad that would look in person, unless you exclusively socialised under strong stage lights?
I'm really hoping the broach in the fourth pic is adhesive or something, because otherwise, that would have to be one hell of a piercing
I was thinking she'd been blood pinned. Either she's a Marine or is pledging to a sorority. Or both.

With most of these, the change of lipstick and eyeshadow draws more attention than the foundation.
The last image reminds me uncomfortably of Shirley MacLaine made up as a Chinese woman in a movie.
I LOVE these ads so much... I love the Angelface ads from the 50s and 60s <3