I love the look of this, it's not quite like anything else I've seen. It's sort of cartoony, even a little 19th century Japanese print. I wonder if this was a regional artist/agency/brand. Anybody know?
I couldn't not comment with this icon, which was a mural I painted on my kitchen wall at my old home. There were other walls logos around the room, Cornish by my collection of cornish blue and white striped china, Mini Milk by the fridge where the milk was etc.

Wall's ice creams is an English brand, just in case you didn't know ;0)
Clearly I didn't, so thanks for the info. Pardon me for saying so, but I thought given the dates offered these seemed old fashioned in style, because I'm American. In the early 50s we, having gotten through World War II with little in the way of infrastructure damage, were all up, up, and away while Britain especially had been pounded. You all had more to do in the way of recovery before you could go forward, so the dated quality makes. And I'm sure 'old-fashioned' spoke quite directly to a sense of stability there at the time, so this makes sense to me.
If you notice it gives instructions for wrapping the ice cream in newspaper to keep it cold until serving because few people had refrigerators, let alone freezers. Somewhere I have some Wall's recipe cards and they include instructions on how to make your own quilted bag to keep it cold in