Ry-Krisp (1940)

Still looking for a new-year's diet? Take the advice of some random twit working for minimum wage. 

ry-krisp Dec 1940

So a man who doesn't like big bazongas on a woman who isn't afraid to show 'em off isn't a gentleman? Okay with me! 

(Not sure the date of this one, but I think sometime in the early 1950s.)

I recommend different reading for the lady in the hat: How to Slap a Bitch by Shad Uphor.

Just shows that assholery about people's weight is nothing new.  
All these ads do is make me think "those slim people are just nasty mean dickheads with no manners".
Reminds me of the Simpson's episode where Homer is trying to lose weight and starts eating rice crackers and spits them out shouting "FLAVOR?!?!?!"
the top one, there are so many things wrong with it, first off its the damn usher that's remarking on it, and her date is making eyes at the other lady (who is just doin her thing over in her own box) and why doesn't she look mad? I'd be pissed if some usher was like "YOUR FAT HA" and my date was hitting on the lady in the next box,
I think some of it is plausible. Skinny Girl is Old Rich Guy's girlfriend or trophy wife and since Viagra wouldn't be invented for a few more decades, she seeks to have her needs filled elsewhere, which is why she doesn't mind the flirting. Of course, Endowed Woman's date is just your run-of-the-mill douchebag. Endowed Woman has issues with self-esteem or she wouldn't put up with that crap, and that appears to be the demographic Ry-Krisp is targeting. But, yeah, I doubt that even back then an usher at an upscale venue like that could get away with loudly insulting the patrons like that.
And an usher serving hundreds of people of all different shapes and sizes at each showing couldn't be bothered making any comment, he could care less.
Another good point! Just shows how that ad attempts to feed into people's paranoia. I have worked my share of low-end jobs dealing with the public and it's rare for any particular person to stand out. I can't say I never poked fun at a customer with my coworkers, but it was usually because of something idiotic they did or said, not because of how they looked.

As for the beach ad, it wasn't until later I realized that if a woman was noticing other women's bodies (and we do), wouldn't she just be happy that the "competition" looks less fit? Then again, maybe her boyfriend is kind of into big girls (he seems to be checking her out more than judging her) so maybe Skinny Beach Blonde should ask if there are any Big Macs around and eat them herself!
I can't remember if I've had Ry-Krisp, but I imagine they're sort of like those zwieback crackers you give babies when they're teething. I agree they need something on them like a cheese spread, which would sort of defeat the purpose since that would add fat and calories.
I used to eat my little brother's zwiebacks when he was teething (what? they were delicious! I'd still eat them, if I could), and I remember those as being kind of mildly sweet. Not like Ry-Krisp which is kind of branny-tasting. And yeah, cheese spread or spray cheese is a must on those, at least for me.
I think the brand that's around in U.S. supermarkets the most is Wasa. I love them, but they're one of the weird things that gives me insomnia, unfortunately.
As an insomniac and frequent rye crispbread eater (though I would so boycott Ry-Krissp), how do these things link up for you?
I have very severe insomnia due to the neuroimmune illness myalgic encephalomyelitis. I'm on six prescription meds and a bunch of supplements to try to deal with it. Without medication I literally would not sleep at all.

Over time, I've noticed that there are certain foods that if I eat them, it's guaranteed I won't sleep or my sleep will be extremely fractured. Those include Wasa crackers, licorice, raisins, yogurt, and kefir. I have a suspicion about mangoes but haven't wanted to test them again.

If you're curious, I have a couple blog entries about my insomnia here and here.
When you mentioned crackers, my first thought went to gluten, but those other items wouldn't have that connection. The yogurt and kefir would probably have lactose, but not the others unless Wasa has dairy in it. Good luck on your quest to find some answers!
Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm fortunate to have one of the best doctors for this in the country, so I get about as much help with it as is possible! The yogurt and kefir I suspect I know why - one of the things that's associated with my illness is leaky gut problems, meaning the cultures would get into places they shouldn't and could cause myriad problems. I've had the same problem when I've taken probiotics, so at least that part of it is pretty settled.
oh, sugar. i can go easily 48 hours without sleeping if i dont have an assload of sleep aids (including prescription ones!) so i really do feel for you on this!!!

i'm glad you have a good doctor who is taking good care of you. its hell when you DONT.
Just the other day I was reading an article about how shame-based advertising is very ineffective when it comes to weight loss and, if anything, it can have the opposite effect. Yet, Ry-Krisp ran ads like this for years. I guess people weren't as easily offended back then (or they didn't show it), but it doesn't seem like pissing off potential customers would be a good marketing strategy. But they're still around so I guess it worked for them then.
There are similarly douchy ads still out there (kind of - my example is from the nineties) that still give crispbread a bad name. This one reminded me of the one from WASA (a Swedish crispbread) that I really hated at that time. A slightly curvy woman tries to get into her jeans and you can watch what happens next on Youtube:

Ugh! No evidence of social evolution there! The blonde is better off, IMO. The fact that douchebag in the red sports car didn't even come to her door is reason enough not to go out with him. Yes, I am old-fashioned that way.
you know...once upon a time, my daughter had a "date" who honked the horn instead of getting out of the car and walking up to the door.

she called his cell phone while looking out the window at him and told him "if you wont even get out of the car for me, you can go fuck yourself." in so many words. she then had her dad go answer the door when he immediately came up to the house. *snickering* that did not end well for the young man.

of course, by then the stories had gotten around how another young man had come up to the house and found her dad and i sparring with staves (staff) out in the front yard... ;)
Good for your daughter! You raised her right! Even if the girl is picking up the guy or if it's a same-sex relationship, I just think it's common courtesy to come to the door and definitely to meet the parents if the date is underage. Of course, when when I was older and had roommates, they were the ones to have to give the approval!

Sparring with staves--I like that! That should put the fear of God, or at least of parents, into any potential suitor!
we always used to tease her that we'd have the blades collection out and sharpening when one of her boyfriends came to call...she found that idea hysterical!

(3 katanas, a greatsword, at least 5 knives of different lengths. and none of that was kitchenwares. *G*)