I'm sitting here looking at this ad thinking "what the hell?" and then I saw it as a tag and lol'd. XD
I have to agree with Jobo about the women-in-prison films. Pretty funny. I miss Spy if for no other reason than they always referred to Donald Trump, back in his first flush of fame, as a short-fingered vulgarian. It was a lot of fun back in the day. Sort of National Lampoon for graduates.
Huh, I think they still have the same cans nowadays.

When I was a teenager, my mom insisted it was called "Barg's", despite my protests to the contrary. I think we got into a pretty heated argument over it. I can't remember what made her finally accept that it's a "q" at the end, not a "g".
My mother was dyslexic and she misread words all the time. She was aware of it, though, and usually gave in if someone pointed out the error--at least in that regard. She was pretty hard-headed about other stuff, though. I agree with ms_hissyfit. If that was the biggest disagreement you had with your mom as a teen, you're pretty lucky! I have a feeling it wasn't, though.:D