My first response is NOOOOO, but in the end, her fear and disgust helped energize a response that may bring us greater equality.
could create an anita bryant sucks tag...sometimes i think i shouldn't be behind the wheel here! HAH!

since her fear and disgust had a counter affect---that mobilized support against her irrational beliefs, perhaps you could post this again for next month's gay equality day.....
Her career didn't even last thru the 70s. She put herself out there, she said what she wanted to say, and after a few years, the US pretty much turned its back on her. Funny how even the continuing (diminishing) anti-gay movements didn't want her when she could not get regular work anymore.
I was going to ask if we had a "big hair" tag, but then I got to wondering: what is that on her head? She looks like the Bride of Frankenstein!
Yeah, she made herself easy to hate, but it sounded like she was under the thumb of an abusive husband and the agenda was his. So how about a 'patriarchy sucks' tag? Gays and women both suffer under it. Hell, everybody suffers under it, even the men who get to be 'top dog' lead poorer lives for it.
ok, i can get behind this idea for a tag. really.

she may have been prodded by spouse and upbringing, but since she was very much in the public, she's the one that took the heat. even if she WAS more wrong than wool toilet paper.
and my dad keeps thinking that Fox News is right, too.

a lot of people get stuck in stinking' thinkin' and have no fucking clue how to get out of it, and have no clue that they SHOULD.
Yeah? I don't pretend to know all the details. She's certainly no one I respect and part of a world I don't want to be in. My apologies if I over stated her case.
I don't care if she was "prodded" by the ex

She knew was she was doung & saying. SHE was in the spotlight, not him.
That right there would have resulted in a complete ban of Florida OJ from my house.
...and it's all bursting with natural vitamin C!

She's going to be bursting with vitamin C and pee if she drinks everything on that table. ;)