Only $75 to catch John Wilkes Booth?!!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that second ad!! "Sarcasm and indifference have driven me from you."
$1,071.43 in 2013 dollars, but still seems like a small amount.

Yeah, J.A.R. sounds like a real jerkwad. I hope he didn't get the paper that day, and Emelie sailed alone!
VERY small amount!! Ah, wait, now I read the whole thing---d'oh! " addition to the sum already offered." ! Ah, yeah!! Much better! I believe they were offering quite a bit.

I dunno why Emelie was giving J.A.R. another chance!
I think J.A.R. is a scrub, but...I had no idea that "sarcasm" was such an alienating sentiment. Or maybe it was one of those "irony". In high school we spent a whole day in English class defining it. Maybe she missed her "sarcasm" day in school. Alas, we'll never know. So sad.
I suspect that being sarcastic was considered a very cold and rude way of behaving in the 1860s.

That said...Em wasn't above being a bit snarky herself--that line about him preferring to remain behind "to wound some other loving heart" was quite b*tchy.
A little sarcasm now and again is wholesome, but if Emily was getting back sarcasm and indifference exclusively, she did the right thing to leave J. A. R. Imagine a person who slights and mocks you by turns. Of course we shall never know the other side of the story.
'You have pushed me away, and I'm really pissed, and I semi-despise you, but please do consider crossing the ocean to start a new life with me.'

Emilie Dearest,
Oh, how I LONG to spend weeks at sea with you. That sounds like SUCH fun. Be sure to get ME a ticket as well - I can't WAIT to spend more time in close quarters.
J. A. R.
[dies of laughter]

If there was a contest for Best Reply to a Posting, you would win.
"Abraham Lincoln, late President of the United States" strikes me, for some reason, as incredibly funny.