The “frosted” ham doesn’t sound like a bad idea...too bad the retro food styling is, as usual, unappealing.

That top one wouldn’t be a bad idea if you replaced the apples with tomato slices and the Velveeta™ with...real cheese!

That meatloaf fruit cocktail is just stomach turning! Puke!

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oh man, i skipped the meatloaf fruit cocktail in my comments...i guess i blocked the monstrosity from my brain!
everything is going to slide off the toast because you SEALED it with mayo before putting the cheese on. otherwise, a HORRID photo for an interesting idea.

the hotdogs? hee! i made hotdog men and octopods for the kids when they were little, to get them to eat without playing around too much. this made them focus on eating and i got more food INTO them.

but that frosted ham does not look like food. no cream cheese on my ham, thank you very much!!!
I bet you weren't serving the kids cabbage with the hot dogs. Somehow that combo just never took off, go figure. I think we can take it on faith that putting cream cheese on ham just isn't kosher. Is the point of that exercise just to prove that you did something besides heat the ham? Just to get some hostess cred?
no cabbage or saurkraut either. cabbage got made into coleslaw, which still works with hotdogs. (on the side, not on the dog)

i think you're right, frosted ham is just for hostess cred. screw that, get the spiral sliced ham, then you have not only ham for one meal but a HAMBONE for your black eyed peas!!
That meat loaf fruit cocktail monstrosity is vile. All the others I'd eat (although I think I'll have the cream cheese and ham on a sandwich).
I love how concerned they were with food digestibility in the 1940s. "Velveeta - it's digestible!"

That hot dog looks like an alien's spine.

Fruit cocktail & meatloaf? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

I can't sign on for ham frosted with cream cheese.
There must have been a SERIOUS digestibility problem back then. I can visualize everyone going around with stomach aches, gas...and worse.

As for smoked ham and cream cheese, it works! One of my favorites on an onion bagel!
Ah, okay - that would work. And I like salmon and cream cheese, so rock on with your bad self, frosted ham!
I thought the frosted ham was cake. Now I'm sad because I want cake and have none.
Re: 3#, Okay kids, Grandma left her dentures in the oven for the umpteenth time, so it's what's for dinner!

As for the meatloaf, take the fruit out of it, fill the crater, perhaps top with a couple pineapple slices, and have the grapefruit/orange bowls for dessert.

Frosted ham? Nein. The glazed version on the bottom of the page, das ist gut.

The top concoction can be altered a bit with better ingredients, perhaps make them into mini BLT appetizers.
Those hot dogs look like something from a nature program about frightening-looking worms.

As for everything else, ick.
Eeek, those hot dogs look like fried centipedes. D:

The orange cups with the fruit look nice but the meatloaf is ugh.

Cream cheese frosted ham doesn't sound too bad!
Re #1: But... but ... anything with bacon can't be all bad, right? Right??
Good god, man! Those hot dogs look like the vertebrae from the creature in Aliens.
The frosted ham would probably be rather good. The two do go together pretty well. I'd say that instead of 'frosting' the ham with cream cheese that it should be cut into smaller bits and served with a touch of cream cheese on crackers or something.

I can't say the same for the fruitloaf thingy. I can see what they were going for. Sweet and savory can go together well, but those two just seem like an awful pairing.

The hot dog cutting is kinda neat. I'm guessing you broil 'em to cook em after cutting. It's a lot of work for hot dogs, though. Maybe if it was for some party, but if I'm making stuff for a party that's fancy enough to merit fancy-cut-and-presented foods, I kinda doubt hot dogs would be on the menu.