The Darker Side of Dishes

In case you aren't familiar with THIS PINTEREST PAGE, (Disgusting Recipes), you need to be.  Be careful, though, it is bottomless (both in figurative horror and seriously, I've scrolled down for about 20 minutes and still haven't found the end of it).  LET THAT BE YOUR WARNING.

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Bon Appetit!  You'll be charmed!  They're "dainty".  Just be sure to use the GOOD suet.
Okay, so I was expecting the first one to be some silly thing like pigs in blankets, but dang.. actual squirrels in cider.

I thought the bachelors buffet thing was some kind of food-baked-in-pastry thing at first. Mayo, mustard,cream, and gelatin? Yuck.

The last one's the winner. It looks horrid and upon reading the recipe, it probably tastes horrid, too.
Did people actually go out to the back yard and catch a few squirrels? That's just mean.

And I know suet pudding was no big deal at one time, but I just remember my mom hanging up big chunks of suet in the winter in these onion bags to feed the birds…and I say, "Please, no!"
I remember my grandmother talking about squirrel stew when I was young. Of course, she grew up in Missouri during the depression. I also recall my grandfather mentioning hunting squirrels when he was young, but he shot 'em with a pellet gun or .22.
We hunted squirrels when I was a kid. The only animal I've ever shot and eaten was a squirrel. It was actually pretty tasty. After that I left the hunting to my brother and father, though.
We caught one inadvertently in the wilds of suburbia once long ago. Poor little guy managed to get in the 2nd floor bathroom via a wire and an open window and was found drowned in the toilet in the morning. I'm pretty sure it was Dad's job to fish him out and dispose of him.
What's so wrong with the mayo one... *Reads recipe* oh gods that's not crockery in the background. Take it away take it away.
i admit that intrigued me too. at first i thought it was going to be something like rice krispie treats but made with cheerios, but the recipe has possibilities.
Did you know that I had a dream that I found an entire faded, yellowing magazine full of terrible recipies like this, and my first thought was "Ooh, now I have food to post at vintage_ads"?

These goddamned things are seeping into my subconscious.

I'm snickering at the "Bachelor's mayonnaise" though. I guess "confirmed bachelors" really like thick, creamy mayonnaise, huh? Although come to think of it, Kraft (not miracle whip, mind) is my favorite kind of commercial mayonnaise. Hmmmmm.

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Those puddings are probably the single most disgusting thing labeled "food" I have ever seen!
The hot buttered Cheerios actually don't sound that bad. It's the other recipes...

I wonder whose idea it was to make pudding composed mostly of beef suet. Just when I was finally convinced that bad English cooking was just a stereotype, I run into this ad. My fellow Americans are no slouches in the bad cooking department, if that mustard mold is any indication. :P
It would seem so. Blyeck. I never knew Kraft was a division of Kraftco Corporation. I wonder why this is important enough to put in the advert?
Yes - it's so gross that it made me forget there's also a recipe for squirrels soaked in alcohol posted here too!
Oh dear God, that last monstrosity is revolting. And I say that as someone who knows how delicious fats of many kinds are. Big old slab of blubber? No thanks. Also, how many different kinds of food qualify as a pudding? Is there a unifying theme to them this non-chef is missing? And the egg white sauce is doing those prunes no favor.
Belurbg. For some reason when I think of "puddings" I think of dessert, not something filled with kidneys.
1. Okay, the...things at the bottom look like they could move under their own power; 2. The Cheerios thing does sound good? 3. Prune whip is actually a thing? 4. I know what scones are, but WHAT is in that pie?! 5. If you are doing fondue (in the mayo jello mold pic), *why* do you need to add mayo jello? Isn't the cheesy joy enough?
...I want to poke the things at the bottom and see if they move on their own^^
Any idea when that last one was made? Seems like something from the UK during World War II, or during the period after when there was still food rationing.
i had never heard of a pikelet before
they sure did seem to eat a lot of prunes back then...

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is this what you wanted?