Should've been a cowboy, er, um, cattleperson . . .

. . . because being one of the best pitchers of all time is just so overrated.
Beefmaster Cattle Nolan Ryan TM Mar 85

. . . because nothing kicks ass like snowshoes.
cowboy snowshoes Jan 1972
Where's mah horse?

. . . because your hat band matches your lipstick, which you can also use as bullets in a pinch.
Maybelline Rodeo Lip Colors Working Mother Mar 80

. . .  because you can become filthy stinkin' rich working only 60 minutes a week!

(A promotional film is a type of ad, sort of, right?)
don't dis the Ryan. :)

he still raises beefmaster cattle on his farm, only now he has *several* farms and sells to Kroger here locally. (has his own sticker on the beef, too "nolan ryan beef".)

he's also a nice guy who went to high school with my parents, has a nice son who got a baseball scholarship...and he makes it a point to give back to the community. besides, you can't play pro baseball forever!

(eh, just messin with ya cause i'm grumpy at the moment. heh. but the nolan ryan stuff is the truth.)
I wasn't dissing him! I think it's cute! How many boys dream about growing up to be a baseball player and a cowboy and actually get to do it? Though, really, "rancher" or "cattleman" is the more appropriate term. I still have friends back in Texas and I don't want to get barred from the state forever for not using correct bovine management terminology! ;)

That's neat that your parents knew him. I have heard he's a good guy--which is not something you can say about too many professional athletes these days.
i was just messin' with ya. :)

he's one of the good guys, really. his wife and he attended every baseball game of their son's *together* that they possibly could, and dad cooked chili (tradition in the family) before the games. i think that's cool. same thing with the college went to every game of their son's, of course mr ryan was working some of those games!

it's a really nice "hometown boy makes good" story, you know? my parents still live in that town, and he still shops in the stores there. just a laid back guy.