Let us remember the inventor of Jell-O®

Let us remember the inventor of Jell-o®, Peter Cooper, who was born during George Washington's presidency and without whom we would be missing a major component of vintage_ads.

This link also has important info about the history of Jell-o®; it's unclear whether Peter Cooper's wife, Sarah was the one who named the dessert, or the wife of Pearl B. Wait, who bought the patent from Cooper.

Jell-o® is even more popular than Spam™!

(Where's the Peter Cooper tag? Founder's Day is February 12; we might have a day-long tribute to Jell-O® on that day.)
we ARE going to have a tribute day to him on february 12!!!!!

re: a tag----mind you i just got home from running errands and i'm rather hungry still---aside from hall & oates, do we have any other peoples tags? would that be confusing? would JELLO FOUNDER or jello creator make more sense....as in jello creator peter cooper all together in one tag?? i better go eat some more....i hope i conveyed my line of thinking properly.....

are they any ADS with him in it?? i just thought of that....i mean, the above isn't an ad, so are their any ads that include him or mention him and jello? if there is not, would that cancel out the necessity for a tag? (thinking outloud here---well typing outloud....)....
I got my bachelor's degree in engineering thanks to Peter Cooper: tuition free!
For 150 years, the Cooper Union kept his promise.
Sadly, the economy hurt the school's finances enough to charge more than just "student fees" :-(