I'm actually thinking back at all the times I've been happy to have pancakes, and you're right, I don't think I've ever been this excited to have any.

Possibly it's because just haven't ever had real maple syrup, though. Apparently it's a life-changing experience.
Real maple syrup is good, but it ain't all that. It's not enough to make me shout hallelujah over pancakes.
Ha ha! I knew I was stirring the pot there! Maybe I just can't get the really good stuff where I live. I haven't been up to Canada in a few years. Probably time to make a journey. Besides, I hear the mayor of Toronto can help me get a hold of some "good stuff." They mean maple syrup, right? ;)
I dunno, a stack of hearty buckwheat pancakes with jam or jelly instead of syrup sounds mighty satisfying right now!

I kinda remember the IHoP (International House of Pancakes) having 6 or more syrups on every table. I think it's just 2-3 now :-(
With some of my homemade jam, you'd be singing hallelujah for sure! I was able to get a good deal on some marked down berries at the farmers market. They were on the verge of spoiling so I made them into fruit leather and jam. Om nom nom! If you've never tried making homemade jam from fresh fruit, do it. It is so worth it!

At IHOP, it wouldn't matter if there were 100 syrups. It's all just flavored corn syrup there anyway.