kinda weird, kinda cute. :D

edit: obviously, about the kentucky ash tray LOL and all i can ever think about the paper dresses is this: people SMOKED a lot in those days. a lit ciggie and a paper dress?

...of course this also could be where the idea came about that people's clothing could be RIPPED off easily. it's not that easy. *ahem* allegedly. hey, how about that local sports team? *coughs* ;)

Edited at 2013-12-23 04:00 pm (UTC)
Yes, my older sister had a paper dress. And, yes, it had a burn hole in it from her cigs. smh
Hmm. Perhaps I should print out business cards with my job title as "person who does things".

I think a chest of books is actually a wonderful idea.

"Uncle Wiggily Game"? That just sounds creepy.
OMG, I had the "Go To The Head of the Class Game"! I completely forgot (on purpose?) about it, until now.

Anyone who's had too much to drink, or a physical condition would love that paper dress (sarcasm).
The ashtray is an odd design - putting burning cigarettes so close to a stack of matches. Safe?
Should be, the cherry would have to be basically siting on top of them to light them and if the ash trays stone it'd just flare up and go out like they do, unless you have something flammable right next to it (like..the paper dress), plus they dont seem to be white tipped so not strike anywhere and harder to light anyway.
Bob! I didn't know you and the kids were coming! And you brought gifts! Well, make yourselves at home. I just need to run to Rexall before it closes to buy some, uh, rash salve and a douche. The Rexall ad has a Siamese kitty and Cindy Brady. (I know, too early to be her.)

It took me a minute to see the Apple logo on those t-shirts. Now your whole family can support Gay Pride and declare their brand loyalty!