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THE Event Calendar Through January 2, 2022

If you have some ads you'd like to post for an event but won't be around or you've got a bunch of ads and you wanna pre-post 'em for upcoming events, here is how to do a scheduled post. If your posting is moderated, please let me know, and I'll 'free' you so you can do scheduled posts! :)

ALWAYS feel free to suggest a one day event, or suggest to change a weekend weekend in case I've overlooked something! This calendar is not etched in stone and can be changed, edited, altered, etc!

Weekend Events, unless otherwise noted are always Friday to Sunday, though for clarity's sake I always denote Friday thru Sunday. One Day Events I put in ALL CAPS so they stand out a little more. For Contest Starts, I have that underlined. Sound complicated? I hope not, as life is complicated enough.

At the beginning of every week I'll post a reminder of the week's activities and the day before the start I'll post a reminder. At ANY TIME you may find the master calendar (hmmm...should it be the mistress calendar?) on our vintage ads' page in 2 different spots. 1) It's in the sticky post up top and 2) it's on the left hand side in the featured post widget on PCs, I'm unsure if it's available as a side menu on mobile devices.

Non-themed vintage ads are ALWAYS welcomed at any time!!!

Monthly themes. A subject that has a lot of ads or could just be fun, to spread out throughout the month.



MONTHLY THEME IS: NEW! Any product, object, etc depicted as 'new' in ads

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Welcome ads from 2001 AND Boots

4 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Blue and Depressing looking ads

5 Tuesday Contest Starts: Sunglasses

8-10 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Bowie Break the Rules AND Dancing in Ads (put on your red shoes...) AND the Moon

12 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Toes in ads AND Mail-in Offers

15-17 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Trash Bags AND Depictions of Moving/Moving Companies AND Laxatives

18 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Martin Luther King, Jr Day Break the Rules Post speeches, songs, etc by civil rights leaders thru the years including to the current day, as we're breaking the rules.

20 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Ads with someone named Joe AND Ads depicting happiness

22-24 Weekend Events: History Never Repeats (Yes it does) ads/PSA for Spanish Flu (wear a mask), or any other situation where history has repeated AND Diet Drinks & Foods AND Exercise related ads

27 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Nurses in Ads and Gambling in ads

29-31 Weekend Events: Guinness Beer AND Dog Treats AND Computers


MONTHLY THEME IS: Black History Month

1 Monday Contest Starts: Valentine's Day Ads

2 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Over and over (for Groundhog's Day) something you could eat/drink/watch/etc over & over AND Shadows in Ads

5-7 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: African American Entrepreneurs AND Remember when we could do ____ (before pandemic & lockdowns) AND Predictive Text Ads (Google search images with: Vintage Ads the [number of your choice] & post a few results

10 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Hip Hop AND Triangles

12-14 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Natural African American Hair in Ads AND China (for Chinese New Year) AND Buses

15 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Things/places that have a President's name (does not have to be named AFTER a President, ie: I'm from hell Clinton, IA, so an ad for/from Clinton would suffice.

19-21 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: African American Celebrities, Musicians, Leaders, etc in ads AND European Cars AND Balloons

23 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Pickles AND Wordy Ads

26-28 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Anti-racism/pro-equality ads/PSAs AND Clouds AND African American movies (that don't involve stereotypes and exploitation)



1 Monday Contest Starts: Irish/St. Patrick's Day Ads

3 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Avon AND Pre-19th century ads

5-7 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: 1950s Fads AND Yellow AND Coffee

9 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Fisticuffs AND I was there

12-14 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Clocks & Time pieces AND People now known for being horrible AND Minimalism in ads

15 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Knives AND Togas

19-21 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Depictions of Jumping AND Polka Dots AND Colorful Ads (No black, white, or beige)

24 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Furs AND Addresses in Ads

26-28 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: International Travel AND Women Business Owners AND Pizza

30 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Pornstaches and Double Entendres


MONTHLY THEME IS: Pop/Soda/Soft Drinks (Whatever you call 'em in your area)

1 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads in Disguise

2-4 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Millionaire Style (Ads for expensive things) AND Jams/Jellies AND Trains

5 Monday Contest Starts: Sneakers/Tennis Shoes

6 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Jobs You'd Love AND Jobs You'd Hate

8-11 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Products known just by letters and/or numbers, including car models (ie: Z28, A-1) AND Cutaway Ads AND Funeral Related

14 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Tools AND Paint

16-18 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Ads from the year you were born AND Cake AND Ice Cream

21 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Purple AND Royalty

23-25 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Regional Ads from the West coast/Western USA AND Sci-Fi Ads AND Ads depicting 'date night'

28 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Balls AND Pie

30-2 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Flowers AND Hawaii (May 2 is Lei Day in Hawaii) AND Things done different now (ie: phoning, photo taking, traveling, etc)


MONTHLY THEME IS: Pancakes and Syrup

3 Monday Contest Starts: Lipstick

4 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Peace Signs AND Vietnam Era Ads

7-9 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Jello: the good, the bad, & the ugly AND 90's fads AND Toys

12 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Eggs AND Bald

14-16 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Cigarettes/Cigars/Smoking basically AND Glasses AND Aliens

18 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bedroom Sets AND Acne

21-23 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: LGBTQ+ Ads (for Harvey Milk Day in California May 22) AND Rainbows in Ads AND Good looking food (no jello)

26 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Big Hair AND Clowns

28-30 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Red AND As Seen on TV Products AND High School Time Capsule (Things from the year you graduated, or if you're a young'un, things from the year you left Jr High)

31 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: BBQ Related AND Scenes of Showering


MONTHLY THEME IS: Kool-Aid (generics are fine)

1 Tuesday Contest Starts: Trench coats

2 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Regional Ads East Coast/Eastern USA AND Lifesavers

4-6 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Fads of the 70's AND Living Celebs (at the time of posting) AND Salt

8 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Canada AND Beer

11-13 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Sea Life AND White AND Hair Care

14 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Flags (for Flag Day)

16 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Neon Lights AND Speech Bubbles in ads

18-20 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Sun AND Pools AND Swimwear

23 Tuesday ONE EVENTS: Toothpaste & Mouthwash AND Lemonade

25-27 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Dead Celebs AND That'll Kill you (things that will you, but maybe wasn't really known at the time, ie: DDT wallpaper) AND Skylines

30 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Unpopular Opinions (Ads for things that you have an unpopular opinion for: ie, I don't like Star Wars so I'd post an ad for that) AND Ads Predicting the Future



2-4 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Art Deco AND Non-tennis shoes AND Recipes in ads: dessert recipes

5 Monday Contest Starts: Devil

6 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Condiments AND Stereos

9-11 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Ice cubes AND Suit & Tie AND Appliances

14 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: French (for Bastille Day) AND Hats

16-18 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Fads of the 80s AND Cats AND Dogs

20 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS Profiles in ads AND Butter/Margarine/Oleo

22-24 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Legs AND Tropical scenes AND Juice

27 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads from the Korean War period for National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

28 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Hideous Looking Food (No jello) AND Crying

30-1 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Gingers AND Cowboys AND Motels/Hotels



3 Tuesday Contest Starts: Concert Ads

4 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Adjusted for Inflation AND Car Rentals

6-8 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Forgotten Mascots AND Pens AND Superheros

10 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Climate Change Contributors AND Creepy/Tragic in retrospect

13-15 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Birds AND Soap AND Phones

18 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Giveaways in ads AND Overrated Items (that's up to your discretion)

20-22 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Breakfast Cereal AND Creepy Kids AND Milk

24 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Wacky Named Products AND TV Shows

27-29 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Nail Polish AND Rain AND Floating Body Parts

31 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Leather AND Deodorant



1 Wednesday Contest Starts: Angels

3-5 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: 19th century ads AND Line art AND Talking animals

6 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Women in the workplace

8 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Fonts and Las Vegas

10-12 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Recipes in ads for main courses AND Beautiful ads AND Movie Posters

14 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Video games AND Disney

17-19 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Junk food AND TVs AND Skin Care

21 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Earth, Wind, and Fire ;)

22 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Tea AND Sugar

24-26: Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Mountains AND Orange AND Guns

28 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Regional Ads Northern USA AND Pest Control


MONTHLY THEME IS: Planes/Airlines

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Fads of the 60s AND Obsolete Media AND Houses

4 Monday Contest Starts: Halloween Ads

5 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Water AND Recipes in Ads for Cocktails: drinks, dips, nibbles

8-10 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Taxi Cabs AND Fruit AND Fast Food

11 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Native Americans (Positive depictions only)

13 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Batteries AND Tasteful Side Boob

15-17 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Watercolor AND Fairies AND Cheese

19 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Crafts AND Pregnant Women in ads

22-24 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Nightlife AND I'd Wear This AND Cookies

27 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Hump Day Hunks AND Towels

29-31 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Boats AND Boxed Food AND Quackery

31 Sunday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads in Disguise


MONTHLY THEME IS: PSAs (Public Service Announcements)

2 Tuesday Contest Starts: Flooring

3 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Nekkid Kid AND Razors/Shaving

5-7 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Jazz AND Eyes AND Mascots

9 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Meat AND Vegetables

11 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: War Based Ads from any war

12-14 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Cars AND Wild Animals AND Cartoon Ads

17 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Soup AND Crackers

19-21 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Jewelry AND Gloves AND Wrist Action/Waving

22 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Cleaning Products AND Feminine Hygiene

24-25 Wednesday-Thursday TWO DAY EVENTS: Thanksgiving Ads AND Gas/Service Stations

26-28 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Black AND Maidenform AND Alcohol (no beer)

30 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Regional Ads from the Southern part of the USA AND Cologne/Perfume


MONTHLY THEME IS: Winter sports

1 Wednesday Contest Starts: Christmas Ads

3-5 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pianos AND Plaid AND Travel wish list

7 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Endorsed by Doctors/Dentists AND Fearmongering

10-12 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Toilet Paper AND DAFUQ?! AND Bikes

15 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Funny Ads AND Noses

17-19 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Celeb endorsed ads AND Socks & Hoisery AND Gum

21 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Snow AND Shortening

24-26 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Underwear AND Salty Things AND Candy

29 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bread AND Elderly & Babies

31 Friday ONE DAY EVENT: NYE Party



1-2 Saturday-Sunday TWO DAY EVENT: Welcome ads from 2022!!
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