THE Event Calendar Through January 1, 2020

If you have some ads you'd like to post for an event but won't be around or you've got a bunch of ads and you wanna pre-post 'em for upcoming events, here is how to do a scheduled post. If your posting is moderated, please let me know, and I'll 'free' you so you can do scheduled posts! :)

ALWAYS feel free to suggest a one day event, or suggest to change a weekend weekend in case I've overlooked something! This calendar is not etched in stone and can be changed, edited, altered, etc!

Weekend Events, unless otherwise noted are always Friday to Sunday, though for clarity's sake I always denote Friday thru Sunday. One Day Events I put in ALL CAPS so they stand out a little more. For Contest Starts, I have that underlined. Sound complicated? I hope not, as life is complicated enough.

At the beginning of every week I'll post a reminder of the week's activities and the day before the start I'll post a reminder. At ANY TIME you may find the master calendar (hmmm...should it be the mistress calendar?) on our vintage ads' page in 2 different spots. 1) It's in the sticky post up top and 2) it's on the left hand side in the featured post widget on PCs, I'm unsure if it's available as a side menu on mobile devices.

Non-themed vintage ads are ALWAYS welcomed at any time!!!

Holidays are not really mentioned, I don't think they need to be defined and ads for any particular upcoming holiday are always welcome!



*NEW* Monthly themes. A subject that has a lot of ads or could just be fun, to spread out throughout the month.
January's Monthly Theme: Walls and Fences in ads (gosh, why would I think of those things?) Ads that contain fences in the foreground, background, for fences, and the same with walls.

9 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bowie Break the Rules (Post anything Bowie related without an ad) AND Foreign Language Ads AND Ads with swearing (Are there any? Let's find out dammit!)

11-13 Friday-Sunday Weekend Event: Fashions from the years 1900 thru the 1920s AND Gas/Service Station Ads AND Butterflies.

15 Tuesday Contest Starts: Babies in Ads

16 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Australia & New Zealand AND The Number 7

18-20 Friday-Sunday Weekend Event: Popcorn (19th is National Popcorn Day) AND Fingernails/Nail Polish AND Distinctive Skylines

21 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Positive depictions of African Americans in ads

22 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Weight loss and/or gain ads AND Typewriters

25-27 Friday-Sunday Weekend Event: Smokey the Bear & Woodsy Owl AND Boxed Food AND Adjusted for Inflation* (* = Ads where we take the price given and convert it to today's price)

29 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Hemorrhoids AND Letter F

31 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Motels/Hotels AND Wacky Named Products


Monthly Theme: House Cleaners and Appliances

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Event: Groundhog Day AND Super Bowl Weekend AND Japan (Groundhog Day= Ads for food/drink/shows/movies you enjoy over and over)

5 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Chinese Ads AND Cake

6 Wednesday Contest Starts: Romance Depictions of romance in ads

8-10 Friday-Sunday Weekend Event: Trains AND Jewelry AND Electronics

12 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Hearts AND Flowers

14 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Good & Bad Valentine Day Gifts AND Romance Movies

15-17 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Recipes in Ads AND Jam/Jelly AND Fonts

18 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Presidents in Ads AND Batteries, as it's also National Battery Day

20 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Video Games AND Pies

22-24 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Tea AND Sea-life AND Mascots in Ads

26 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Movies from 1939 AND Suicidal Food


Monthly Theme is Colors

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Women in the workplace AND Fireplaces AND Art Deco

5 Tuesday Contest Starts: Birds

6 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: It's National Dentist's Day so Ads for Toothpaste and Mouthwash

8-10 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pre-1900 Fashions AND Horses AND Tasteful Side Boob

12 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Eye glasses AND Windows

15-17 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Irish AND Salt AND Rain/Umbrellas

18 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Early Days of the internet AND Big Cats

20 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Coupons in ads AND Tires

22-24 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Nekkid Kid AND Gum AND Cities/Countries that no longer exist

26 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Make your own holiday day AND Beds

29-31 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day, so Mom & Pop Businesses (Non-chain stores) AND Lotion AND the Sun


April's theme is Houses in ads

1 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Braids or Pony tails or Pig tails AND Ads in Disguise (One of 2 days you can post fake ads)

3 Wednesday Contest Starts: Mountains in Ads

5-7 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: The 6th is California Poppy Day, so Poppies AND Acne AND Dying of Cuteness

10 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Hump Day Hunks AND Pornstaches

12-14 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Paper Towels AND Fear mongering AND the 12th is 'Walk on your wild side day', so what would you do if you walked on your wild side?

16 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Birth Year Ads and the Number 50

19-22 Friday-Monday FOUR DAY Weekend Events: Royalty AND Soap AND Bunnies AND Eggs

24 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Cartoon Movies AND Books/Libraries

26-28 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Trees (For Arbor Day the 26th) AND Baseball (For Babe Ruth Day the 27th) AND Stripes

30 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: South America AND Medieval


May's monthly theme is Swimwear

3-5 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Cinco de Mayo related AND Hippie related AND Profiles in ads (half face/full profile of people)

6 Monday Contest Starts: Pizza

8 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Rock Gods & Goddesses AND Music Players

10-12 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Berlin AND Mothers AND Bears

13 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: India AND Dots

15 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: National Chocolate Chip day, so yeah, Chocolate Chips AND Double Entendres

17-19 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Armed Forces Recruiting Ads (Armed Forces Day is the 18th) AND Board Games AND Your dream car

21 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: For National Waiters and Waitresses day, yep, Waiters and Waitresses AND Restaurants

24-27 Friday-Monday FOUR DAY Weekend Events: Fashions from the 1930s & 1940s AND Skateboards/Rollerskates AND Cookout Food

29 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bars/Taverns AND Cowboys/Old West

31-2 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Milk AND Fast food AND Cutaway Ads (Ads that cutaway and show inside a house/business/factory/etc)


Monthly theme is Vegetables (real ones, though open to interpretation)

4 Tuesday Contest Starts: Bicycles I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...sorry, I always think of that song, but yeah bicycles!

6 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: WWII Ads, as it's D-Day, ads from that era, supporting WWII, etc AND Spam

7-9 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: VCR/VHS tapes AND Lace AND Crying/Tears

12 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Clowns and Unbelievable Dialogue (Early B-day celebration for the maybe still US President?)

14-16 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Lemonade AND Fathers AND Nuts (14th is actual bday of clown mentioned above)

18 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bugs/Insects AND A Vacation/Trip You Remember (A vacation, or even a day trip, that you remember)

21-23 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Ice cream AND Ice cubes AND Your Favorite Ads from Childhood (Mine are the Ty-D-Bol Man and "Ancient Chinese Secret")

24 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Stars, as in the ones in the sky type AND it's Tell an Old Joke Day so Ads featuring Classic Comedians

27 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Barbie and Sunglasses for National Sunglasses Day

28-30 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Black & White Ads AND It is the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots (June 28 - July 1) so ads with Rainbows AND ads showing/supporting Gay Equality


Monthly theme is Night time in ads

2 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: For World UFO Day: UFOs/Aliens AND Potatoes (Cuz if you see an UFO you must grab a potato camera!)

4-7 Thursday-Sunday FOUR DAY Weekend Events: Fireworks AND Speech Bubbles in Ads AND Canada

8 Monday Contest Starts: Juice

10 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Funeral Related AND No longer exists

12-14 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pop AND Floating boy parts AND Condiments AND France for Bastille Day on July 14th

17 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Boats AND Your Favorite Movies

19-21 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Fashions from the 1950s & 1960s AND Addresses in Ads AND the Moon (July 20th is Moon Day)

23 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Big Hair/Bald AND TV Shows

26-28 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Makeup AND Superheroes AND as the 27th is Korean War Veteran's Day, ads related to that time, event, and Korea

31 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Air Conditioners AND Furs (I know some of us will be suffering with heat, while those in the Southern Hemisphere will be having winter, this is both if us)


Monthly theme is Celebrities in ads

2-4 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Cats AND London AND Friendship depicted in ads for Friendship Day August 4)

5 Monday Contest Starts: Phones

7 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Giveaways in Ads AND I own it or I still want it

9-11 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Sexy Ads AND the number 9 AND Lemons, literal and figurative

13 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Catchy Catch Phrases AND Tragic/Creepy in Retrospect

16-18 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Tropical AND Artic/Snow AND Fads (bell bottoms, frosted denim, etc)

19 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Ink/Dyes AND Sugar/Honey/Sweeteners

21 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Mythical Creatures and Fisticuffs

23-25 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Blue Jeans AND Butter AND Hip Hop

27 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Credit Cards AND Wrist Action/Waving in ads

30-1 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Ads that predict the future AND RX/OTC Meds AND Schools/ABCs in ads


Monthly theme is underwear.

2 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Making men/women feel inadequate in ads AND Servants in ads (maids/butlers/housekeepers, etc)

4 Wednesday Contest Starts: Cheese Let's get cheesy!

6-8 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Airliners AND Pools AND Dafuq?!

9 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: PSAs AND It's Teddy Bear Day, so Teddy Bears!

13-15 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Toes AND Water AND Good looking food in ads

17 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Dolls AND Sports that are NOT Baseball, Basketball, or Football (so Golf, Bowling, Tennis, Soccer, etc)

20-22 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pirates AND Elderly in ads AND Shadows in ads

25 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Car rentals AND Book was better (Ads for movies where you feel the book was better)

27-29 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Leather AND Sweaty bodies AND Sports Drinks (I didn't MEAN to put these all together, but they sure do fit don't they?)


Monthly theme is Monsters (open to interpretation)

1 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Laxatives and Insurance

2 Wednesday Contest Starts: Facial Hair

4-6 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: TVs AND Sweaters AND Lamps

8 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Deodorant AND Fruit

9 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Disco AND Drug Paraphernalia

11-13 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Hats AND Meat AND Photographs within ads

14 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Pre-1900 Ads AND Native Americans (Positive Depictions)

16 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Laundry detergent AND Mail in offers

18-20 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Dogs AND Canned Goods AND Fashions from 1970s & 1980s

22 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Mafia movies AND TP/Kleenex

25-27 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Tobacco/Smoking AND First Aid AND Carpets & Drapes (They don't have to match)

29 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Plaid AND Local ads

31 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Luggage AND Ads in Disguise (one of 2 days you can post fake ads)


Monthly theme is JELLO (Not just the brand Jello, any kind of gelatin, and the good, the bad, and the ugly)

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Frozen foods AND Cars AND Mirrors depicted in ads

5 Tuesday Contest Starts: Coffee

6 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Lifesavers AND Razors

8-10 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Minimalism AND Licensed Songs/Jingles in ads AND Camera/Film

11 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Gloves AND WWI based ads

15-17 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Beautiful ads AND Brides AND Suit/Tie

19 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Shampoo AND Classic Movies, according to YOU

22-24 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Socks/Hosiery AND Junk food AND Feminine Hygiene

27 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Ethnic foods AND Towels

29-1 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pens/Stationary AND Candy AND Condoms (12/1 is World AIDS Awareness Day)


This month's theme is BOOZE! We made it through the year! (I hope!) Let's celebrate!

3 Tuesday Contest Starts: Vacation

4 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Boots AND Crafts

6-8 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Syrup (for National Maple Syrup Day on the 7th) AND Waffles AND Toasters

9 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Crackers AND Weapons

11 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Cartoon Ads AND Comedy Movies

13-15 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Fashions from the 1990s AND Soup AND Guilty Pleasures

17 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Trash Bags AND Toys that weren't as advertised

20-22 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Gingers AND Quackery AND Terrible Christmas Gifts

23 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Toys AND Suntanning

24 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Telescopes/Binoculars AND Cookies

27-29 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pajamas AND Cologne/Perfume AND Watches/Clocks

31 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Y2K



1 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Welcome ads from 2000 AND 2020