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THE Event Calendar Through January 1, 2025

If you have some ads you'd like to post for an event but won't be around or you've got a bunch of ads and you wanna pre-post 'em for upcoming events, here is how to do a scheduled post. If your posting is moderated, please let me know, and I'll 'free' you so you can do scheduled posts! :)

ALWAYS feel free to suggest a one day event, or suggest to change a weekend weekend in case I've overlooked something! This calendar is not etched in stone and can be changed, edited, altered, etc!

Weekend Events, unless otherwise noted are always Friday to Sunday, though for clarity's sake I always denote Friday thru Sunday. One Day Events I put in ALL CAPS so they stand out a little more. For Contest Starts, I have that underlined. Sound complicated? I hope not, as life is complicated enough.

At the beginning of every week I'll post a reminder of the week's activities and the day before the start I'll post a reminder. At ANY TIME you may find the master calendar (hmmm...should it be the mistress calendar?) on our vintage ads' page in 2 different spots. 1) It's in the sticky post up top and 2) it's on the left hand side in the featured post widget on PCs, I'm unsure if it's available as a side menu on mobile devices.

Non-themed vintage ads are ALWAYS welcomed at any time!!!

Monthly themes. A subject that has a lot of ads or could just be fun, to spread out throughout the month.



Monthly theme is: Dead Celebrities

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: (Dec 1 is World AIDS Day) Condoms and People with Disabilities in Ads (12/3 is International Day of Person with Disabilities) and Buses (12/1 is the day Rosa Parks was arrested)

4 Monday Contest Starts: Pen & Ink Ads

5 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Silver and Department Stores

7 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Snowmen and Bands/Artists starting with W

8-10 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pine Trees (including Christmas Trees) and Potatoes and Cameras (Photo)

11 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Wallets and Plaid

13 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Toys: Baby Dolls and Doll Houses

15-17 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Tropical Scenes and Bald and Fireplaces in Ads

19 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Front Doors and Wreaths and Gay as in Happy/Bright

21 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Winter Clothing and Ice Skating

22-24 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Cookies and Santa and Boots

25-31 Monday-Sunday WHOLE WEEK EVENT!!! Marvel Comic Characters!! Celebrating Stan Lee's 12-28 birthday with a whole week event!

25 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Crying and Depictions of Happiness

26 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bands/Artists starting with N and Booze (no beer)

29-31 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Soup and Crackers and Baking Mixes

31 Sunday NYE Part



Monthly theme is: Mountains

1-7 Monday-Sunday WHOLE WEEK EVENT!! DC Comic Characters!! Celebrating Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson's 1-7 birthday with a whole week event!

1 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Welcome Ads from 2004 and Yellow

3 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: People in ads who are now in jail (or who served time in jail) and People who, in your opinion, should be in jail

4 Thursday Contest Starts: Coffee

5-7 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Elderly people in ads and Babies in ads and Exercise in ads

8-10 Monday-Wednesday BOWIE BREAK THE RULES: Anything related to David Bowie, no ad required!

10 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Depictions of jumping in ads and 'Shush' in ads (finger to mouth shush)

11 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bands/Artists Starting with G and Dry Cleaners in ads

12-14 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Ads for hair dye and Jewelry and Mountains in Ads

15 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Positive depictions of African Americans in ads for MLK, Jr Day and Depictions of depression/depressing looking ads (it's also 'blue Monday' allegedly the most depressing day of the year)

17 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Windows in ads and I own it

19-21 Weekend Events: Skiing and Movies with great soundtracks and 19th Century Ads

23 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bands/Artists starting with X and Lighthouses

24 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Citrus Fruits and Cotton

26-28 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Mountains mentioned in entertainment (In movie/song/show titles) and Owls and MCM Architecture

29 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Marijuana and Depictions of scarfing down food

31 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: OTC Cold & Flu products and Stain remover


Monthly theme is: Oceans

2-4 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: African American female musicians and Underwater Creatures and Nail Polish

5 Monday Contest Starts: Tea

6 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bands/Artists starting J and Deodorant

9-11 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: African American male musicians and Oceans in ads and Pirates

11 Sunday ONE DAY EVENT: Superbowl Ads

12 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Tuna and First Aid

14 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Depictions of love and Hearts

16-18 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Boats (excluding Wooden Ships) and Lifesavers and Still in Business

19 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: President's Day and Jello

20 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Mardi Gras and Rio

23-25 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Salt and Oceans mentioned in Entertainment and Flooring

27 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Fingers and Wizards

29 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bands/Artists starting with Y and Stain remover


Monthly theme is: Solar System

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Solar System in Ads and Aliens/Martians and Eyes

5 Tuesday Contest Starts: Juice

6 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bands/Artists starting with K and Astronauts

8-10 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Sci-Fi and Shirts and Cows

12 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Men with babies/kids and Obsolete tech

14 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Hairloss Products and Taxis

15-17 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Intergalactic (Planetary) and Green and Guinness

18 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Mom & Pop stores and Celebrities who believe/claim to have been abducted (by aliens)

20 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Puppies and Spring

22-24 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: UFOs and 1999 and Polyester

25 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Tin foil and Crafts

27 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Game Day: Role Playing Games and Rabbits

29-31 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: NASA and Ads predicting the future and Eggs


Monthly Theme is: Earth

1 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads in disguise

2 Tuesday Contest Starts: Booze (no Beer)

3 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Salad Dressing and Fast Food

5-7 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pornstaches and Continents in Ads and Celebrity's Own Products

8 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Eclipses and Shadows in Ads

10 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Hump Day Hunks and Fearmongering

12-14 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Awful terrible people and Earth itself in ads and Sandwiches

16 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Ads from year of birth and Cupcakes

19-21 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Climate Change Contributors and Purple and Royalty

22 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Lawnmowers and Zebras

24 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Sneakers and Tennis Shoes

26-28 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Entertainment mentioning Earth and South Park Themed and Goodyear

30 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Addresses in ads and Gay as in happy


Monthly Theme is: Sun

1 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Flowers and Red

3-5 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Kentucky Derby Themed and Vietnam Era and the Sun in ads

6 Monday Contest Starts: Beer

8 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: TV Shows with great theme songs and Double Entendres

10-12 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Gay Actors and Sun tan lotion/oil and Horses

14 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Russia and Video games

16 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Kittens and Butterflies

17-19 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Moms in ads and Airlines and Entertainment mentioning the Sun

20 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Musical instruments and Rainbows

22 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Making men feel inadequate and Predictive text ads

24-26 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Star Wars related and Lingerie (no Maidenform) and Athletic Legends

27 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: BBQ and Funeral related ads

29 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Tasteful side boob and I was there

31-2 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Shorts and Hair removal products/razors and Sugar


Monthly Theme is: Moon

3 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Silverware and Dallas

Tuesday Contest Starts: Milk

6 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Your favorite movie and Convertibles

7-9 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: The moon in ads and Large appliances and Millionaire style

10 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Laundry soap and Fabric softener

12 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Bridal Gowns and Pies

14-16 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Hip Hop and Donuts and Dads in Ads

17 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Tuxedos and Cakes

18 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Tang and Golf

21-23 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Jim Henson related and Small appliances and Entertainment mentioning the Moon

25 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Korean War Veterans Memorial Day: Korean War Era based ads

26 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Stereos/Record Players and Ads for Records

28-30 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Maidenform and Celebrities in foreign commercials and Cheese


Monthly Theme is: Stars

1 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Canada and Canadian Celebrities

2 Tuesday Contest Starts: Kool-Aid

4 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Fireworks and Red, White, and Blue

5-7 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Stars (in sky) in ads and Floating Body Parts and Condiments

8 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Sunglasses and Swimsuits

10 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Flamingos and Shrimp

12-14 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Celebrities known by 1 name and 1983 and Beefcake

16 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Citrus and Distorted body parts

19-21 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Entertainment mentioning the Sun and Your dream vacation and Pools

22 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Diapers and Eye glasses

24 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Walkmans and Ads for cassettes

26-28 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Germany and Walt Disney related and Movies: Rom Coms

30 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: ACs and Ice


Monthly Theme is: Clouds

1 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Vans and Roller Skates

2-4 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Clouds in ads and Absolut and Mexico

5 Monday Contest Starts: Lemonade

7 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Wrist action and vegetables

9-11 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: African American Hair products and Kids clothing and Cartoon Ads

14 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Ads for VCRs and Ads for video tapes

15 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: I'd wear this and MCM furniture

16-18 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Entertainment mentioning clouds and Concert ads and Local Ads

19 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Oldest Media (Movies/TV Shows) you like and Purses

20 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Talking animals and Eye products

23-25 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Twilight Zone Weekend and Budweiser and Gray

26 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Giveaway in Ads and Trench Coats

28 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Underwear and Waffles

30-1 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pickles and Sewing Machines and Bathtubs


Monthly theme is: Rain

1 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Ads with unions and Ads with people working

3Tuesday Contest Starts: Pop/Soda

5 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Wooden Ships and Rice and Ducks

6-8 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Rain in ads and Houses and Toronto

11 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Apples and Skirts

13-15 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Comedians and Pink and Favorite cars (personal favs for style, sentiment, etc)

17 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Cats and Dogs

19 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Motorcycles and TVs

20-22 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Entertainment mentioning Rain and Your 'home' town and Jams/Jellies

23 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Fisticuffs and Boxed Food

25 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Pancakes and Syrup

27-29 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Simpsons' Related and Peanut Butter and Sheets


Monthly Theme is: Night time

1 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Watches and Mascots

2 Wednesday Contest Starts: Soup

4-6 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Nighttime in Ads and Landmarks/Historic Buildings/Places in ads and Monsters

7 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Toilet Paper and Laxatives

9 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Pocket Knives and Commercial Jingles

11-13 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Opera Related and Towels and DAFUQ?!

15 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Pants (no jeans) and tables & chairs

17 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: DVD players and ads for DVDs

18-20 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Nighttime mentioned in entertainment and Legs and High school time capsule

21 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Jeans and Talking anthropomorphic objects

23 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Vintage Ads 20th Anniversary!!! Champagne and Things that are sparkly!

25-27 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Animated TV Shows and Clowns and Candy

29 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Rock Gods & Goddesses and Cutaway Ads

31 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads in Disguise


Monthly Theme is: Day time

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Daytime in ads and Noses and TV Sitcoms

4 Monday Contest Starts: Water

5 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Watercolor Ads and Stationary

7 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Hangover remedies and Clocks

8-10 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Gas/Service Stations and Seafood & Frozen Fish and India

11 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: War based ads

13 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Adjusted for inflation and Brushes/Combs

15-17 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Daytime mentioned in entertainment and Paint and Your dream home

19 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Suit & Tie and Fonts

20 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Creepy/Tragic in retrospect and Recipes in ads

22-24 Friday-Sunday Weekend EVents: Favorite Places and Quackery and Dairy (no Butter)

27 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Ads depicting travel and Religion in ads

28 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: Thanksgiving Ads

29-1 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Dresses and Butter (no butter substitutes) and Lions, Tigers, and Bears (Oh my!)


Monthly Theme is: Snow

2 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Mouths and Minimalism

3 Tuesday Contest Starts: Cocoa

4 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Curtains/Drapes and Meat

6-8 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Dr. Seuss related and Snow in ads and Butter Substitutes

10 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Household Cleaners and Pianos/Organs

11 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Mail-in Offers and Speech bubbles

13-15 Weekend Events: Wool and Toys in Ads (no Dolls) and Jewelry

16 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Oldest Ad you can find and Vacuums

17 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Ads by famous artists and pregnancy/maternity in ads

20-22 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Good looking food and China and Dolls

24 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Santa and Fireplaces

25 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Christmas Trees and Sledding

27-29 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Hideous looking food and Snow mentioned in entertainment and Mouthcare

30 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Attorney Ads and Corsets

31 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: NYE Party


1 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Welcome ads from 2005
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