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THE Event Calendar Through January 3, 2021

If you have some ads you'd like to post for an event but won't be around or you've got a bunch of ads and you wanna pre-post 'em for upcoming events, here is how to do a scheduled post. If your posting is moderated, please let me know, and I'll 'free' you so you can do scheduled posts! :)

ALWAYS feel free to suggest a one day event, or suggest to change a weekend weekend in case I've overlooked something! This calendar is not etched in stone and can be changed, edited, altered, etc!

Weekend Events, unless otherwise noted are always Friday to Sunday, though for clarity's sake I always denote Friday thru Sunday. One Day Events I put in ALL CAPS so they stand out a little more. For Contest Starts, I have that underlined. Sound complicated? I hope not, as life is complicated enough.

At the beginning of every week I'll post a reminder of the week's activities and the day before the start I'll post a reminder. At ANY TIME you may find the master calendar (hmmm...should it be the mistress calendar?) on our vintage ads' page in 2 different spots. 1) It's in the sticky post up top and 2) it's on the left hand side in the featured post widget on PCs, I'm unsure if it's available as a side menu on mobile devices.

Non-themed vintage ads are ALWAYS welcomed at any time!!!

Holidays are not really mentioned, I don't think they need to be defined and ads for any particular upcoming holiday are always welcome!

Monthly themes. A subject that has a lot of ads or could just be fun, to spread out throughout the month.



29 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Balloons AND Nuts

31-2 Friday-Sunday Weekend Event: Superbowl Ads AND Ads for things you enjoy partaking (eating/drinking/watching) over and over for Groundhog Day


Monthly theme is ads that contain candy of any kind, including chocolate.

5 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Hump Day Hunks AND Cruise Ships

6 Thursday Contest Starts: Hats

7-9 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Hip Hop AND Ads for any Oscar nominated movie that falls withing our 20 year rule

11 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Plaid AND TV Dinners

14-16 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Hearts AND Cupid

17 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Presidents for Presidents' Day AND Wordy Ads

21-23 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Fish AND Cake

26 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: World Fair Ads AND Paint

29-2 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Ads that depict leaping (for leap year) AND Cold & Flu Remedies AND Pajamas


Monthly theme is boxed food.

2 Tuesday Contest Starts: Skylines in Ads

3 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Toes AND Mail-in Offers

6-8 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Clouds AND Soap

10 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Who would YOU put in the Rock Hall of Fame? AND Denture related products

13-15 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Adjusted for Inflation AND Mountains

17 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Irish AND Leprechauns AND Green

20-22 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Birds AND Trees

25 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Wacky named products AND TV Shows

27-29 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Cookies AND Creepy kids


Monthly theme is cameras.

1 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads in disguise/Annual Amnesty This is one of the two days you can post fake ads, the other is October 31.

3-5 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Rain AND Nail polish AND Baseball (Go Cubs!)

6 Monday Contest Starts Theme is Trains

8 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Weird Named Products AND Bikes

10-12 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Easter related ads AND Farm animals

16 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads from the year of your birth! It's everyone's birthday today!! Let's see what was going on the year you were born!

17-19 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Ads for Climate Change Contributors (ie: like the 2 cans of blue Aqua Net I used every day for years in the 80s for starters) AND Funny Ads

21 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Purple

24-26 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Superheroes AND Ice Cream

28 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads that contain Balls. (Bonus points if you get why I'm having this event on this day)


Monthly theme is flowers.

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Boats AND Celebrities

4 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Vietnam War Era Ads

6 Wednesday Contest Starts: the theme is Black & White ads

8-10 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Mothers in ads AND Socks/Hosiery

13 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS Charities and Laxatives

15-17 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Addresses in Ads AND Gum

20 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Air Fresheners

22-24 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Smoking AND Planes

25 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Anything BBQ related for Memorial Day

29-31 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pop AND TVs


Monthly theme is Phones

2 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Car Rentals AND Cutaway Ads

3 Wednesday Contest Starts: Theme is Art Deco Ads

5-7 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Recipes in Ads AND Condiments AND Double Entendres

10 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Twins in ads AND Toothpaste/Mouthwash

12-14 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pizza AND Video Games

16 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Creepy/Tragic in Retrospect

19-21 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Dads in Ads AND Suit/Tie Ads

24 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Giveaway in Ads AND Profiles

26-28 Friday-Sunday Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Lemonade AND Disco AND Salt


Monthly theme is Beer

1 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Canada

3-5 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Fireworks in ads AND Sea Life AND Milk

6 Monday Contest Starts: Theme is the Sun

7 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Tasteful Side Boob AND Credit Cards

10-12 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Swimming Pools AND Swimwear AND Speech Bubbles

15 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Aliens AND Ads Predicting the Future

17-19 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Cars post-1960 AND Junk food

21 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Pornstaches AND Items you think are overrated

24-26 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Floating Body Parts AND Breakfast Cereals

27 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Korean War Era Ads for Korean War Veterans Day

29 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Gingers AND Baby Strollers/Prams

31-2 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: 1980s AND Minimalism


Monthly theme is Appliances

3 Monday Contest Starts: Theme is Dogs

5 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Neon Lights AND Lighting of any kind

7-9 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Lifesavers AND Oregon Trail (Anything related to the game, so any kind of supplies needed, any kind of ad for the states traveled through, any kind of medicine for the ailments you'll probably die of, etc)

11 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Acne AND Internet

14-16 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Lipstick AND Line art AND Leather

19 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Ice Cubes AND Deodorant

21-23 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Hair care AND Bedroom Sets/Related ads

25 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: I Own It! AND Pest Control

28-30 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Romance AND Stereos AND Beautiful Ads


Monthly theme is Gas/Service Stations

1 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Cheese AND Product Mascots

3 Thursday Contest Starts: Theme is Underwear

4-6 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Eyes AND Juice

7 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Depictions of laborers in action

11-13 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Sweaters AND Fairies AND Coffee

16 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: FMK AND Towels

18-20 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Good looking food AND Devils

22 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Buses AND Fads

25-27 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Hideous looking food AND Angels

30 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Vintage Ads After Dark AND Cartoon Ads


Monthly Theme is Meat

2-4 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: I was there AND Living Rooms

6 Tuesday Contest Starts: Theme is the Moon

7 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Dafuq?!

9-11 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Jewelry AND Gloves AND Fear mongering

12 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Native Americans in Ads (Positive Depictions) and Theft Prevention

16-18 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Shortening AND Local Ads AND Avant-garde Ads

20 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Wrist Action/Waving in ads

23-25 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Motels/Hotels AND Dancing AND Soup

27 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: PSAs AND Dinnerware/Silverware

30-1 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Nightmare Inducing Ads AND Clowns AND Big hair

31 Saturday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads in Disguise/Annual Amnesty


Monthly Theme is Vegetables

3 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Russian Ads AND Toilet Paper

4 Wednesday Contest Starts Theme is Booze (no beer)

6-8 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Nekkid Kid AND Crying AND Crackers

11 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Any War based ads, WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam, etc

13-15 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Razors/Shaving items AND Cars Pre-1960 AND Canned Goods

17 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Mafia

20-22 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Wild animals AND Yellow AND Ads that evoke nostalgia in you

26 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: Thanksgiving based ads

27-29 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Trench coats AND Water colored ads


Monthly theme is Snow

1 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Fireplaces in ads AND Whimsical

2 Wednesday Contest Starts Theme is Cats

4-6 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Luxury Goods AND Maidenform AND Flooring (Carpet/Rugs/Lino)

8 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Feminine Hygiene AND Tropical Scenes

11-13 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Women in the Workplace AND Quackery AND Houses

15 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Fonts AND Sugar

18-20 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Toys AND Dolls AND Pens/Stationary

22 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Cleaning products

25-27 Disney AND Cologne/Perfume AND 1970s

31 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: New Year Eve's based ads (ie: Party based)



1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Welcome ads from 2001 AND Boots
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