yes! *giggling*

--she who finds too much to giggle at, having the sense of humor of a 9 year old boy. ;)
Oh har har, I get it, because BALLS is like another way to say testicles! How droll!

Although tbh back a few years ago when vintage t-shirts were all the rage, I probably would've worn one of these....

also, i think the copywriters were drunk. is it like a whopper or a jawbreaker? or does it not matter because it gives me BALLS

also, i want that t-shirt.
"just pop a few Balls into your mouth..." heh.

No disrespect to the penis, but I think squeezing a 9 lb fetus out is far tougher. How about some vagina candy?
cooter pops! no, that implies something going *in*...

cooter flavored gummy lips?

(and my son was 9 pounds 15 oz and refused to vacate the premises. i hear ya.)
I actually do have a matter of fact, they're so big that they had to be put on my chest to prevent chafing.