bottom left. that is a zipper in a VERY delicate area...

--she says, after having a friend zip himself up FULL LENGTH after making yellow snow

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I was just about to ask if that was a zipper, but you answered my question.

yep, he was damn lucky all he got was pinched, and didn't need medical attention. he said later that it DID put a crimp in his sex life...

i asked him "WHAT sex life, you're 15 years old and don't have a girlfriend!" (it was true, he was still lucky no one else had made it to the bus stop yet LOL)
Are you kidding? A 15-year-old will have at least 5 girlfriends—Pinky, Ring, Middle, Index, and Thumb.

"like wearing nothing at all"

Cire lol. I am glad shiny spandex technology has progressed.