Friendly reminder.....

....many of us have to turn our clocks FORWARD tonight---ugh, i hate that, can we PLEASE drop this changing the clocks crap?? actually a lot of studies have been done in the EU about how much it costs monetarily, how people are less productive for several weeks, etc.....just stick with one time year round, ya know?? anyway, it's still the night to do it....i've already set mine ahead....

and since this is so popular (yes i am incorrigible) i'm posting this meme again....


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I was bitching and moaning...and doing some genuine snarling about this very issue today. I think this is one of the ideas whose time has come to go extinct. I've set my clocks ahead already too; somehow, doing it early the day of before seems to help alleviate the time change shock a little. I also try, mind you I said try, not to look at the clock and think...but it's really (insert the time of your choice) o'clock. ;)
yeah, in the fall i read a lot of articles in UK papers about this and the EU has studied it....i hope they do away with it and we follow suit!!

I think it alleviates the time change shock a little too! Just mental trickery though isn't it? I mean, time is already a man made concept, just so ridiculous and for whatever reason it always takes a few weeks to adjust too.
Definitely mental trickery, but whatever helps and it is rough when we go through the time change (sounds like something from Star Trek, lol). Miserable actually. :(
I vote for leaving DST on year round. Daylight in the evening is more useful than daylight in the morning before work.
so wait, would that be the time we're going to be SWITCHING TO, or what we were on during the winter? so confusing!! i say keep summer time all the time!
I think most people prefer that. I've known a few people who loathe DST—and one who even refused to change his clocks—but it makes a hell of a lot of sense to have more light in the evening, particularly in the winter.
They did this one year during the 70's as I recall and it was great. No having to deal with "spring forward and fall back" or the semiannual disruption in sleep patterns. I think they went to "spring forward and leave it there" during World War II. Sounds like a winner to me.
yeah, we need to stop this, just keep the clocks as they are NOW!! there's already news articles today how there's more accidents, less productivity, etc due to the time change---so stop it!
I might be in the minority here, but I hate this time change. I hate moving the clocks ahead to lose that hour, and I'd rather keep the fall time year round than have the extra hour of daylight. I HATE waking up in the dark. It makes it that much harder in the morning.
It depends where you are located in your specific time zone. IF you are at the far western side of the time zone you could indeed have very late sunrises in the depth of December...but people in the same time zone on the eastern side have had daylight an hour earlier than you. The fact is there is no perfect compromise to adjusting for the tilt of the earth.
They could at least reverse Bush-era changes on DST to alleviate this problem. We used to wait until at least April to change the clocks, when the time change meant the sunrise here was a bit closer to rising on time, but no. A whole month of bad sleep (actually, worse sleep because I already sleep horribly) and waking up in the dark, and I haven't heard of any real benefits for moving it a month up. Bravo, government.
I absolutely LOVE daylight saving time. Much prefer to have an extra hour of daylight in the evening than try to sleep with blazing sunlight at 5 AM. I think it's excellent.
if we could keep the clocks as they are NOW that'd be fine with me!!! just stop changing 'em!
Dunno...what time does the sun set where you are on December 21? In Buffalo it's about 4.30 (the sun doesn't even come up until about 8am). If the clocks were left as they are now (DST) that means the sun would set at 3.30 in the afternoon (although the sun would rise at 7am). Not ideal.
well there's parts of the world that have darkness for weeks at a time.....i think in december it gets dark around 5pm.....but it would be for a month/6 weeks and then start staying lighter later, like it was already naturally doing.....i more appreciate states that refuse to participate in this charade now---alaska and hawaii and i think indiana still has some hold outs? or they did but i know the government threatened to withhold federal money.....oh i think arizona, unless they started doing it....
Yup, Hawaii is at the equator so the day remains about the same length all year round. Arizona is also quite south so as much of a problem but is unique in that they essentially have selected DST all year due to their position. As for Alaska they are SO far north nothing can help them!!!