Post Crispy Critters

Linus the Lionhearted character pushing Post product.

The inimitable Thurl Ravenscroft’s voice can be heard in the Linus main title theme, singing the words “The sweetest…” at one point. The show had the greatest voice cast a children’s cartoon could have at the time. Linus was voiced by producer and character actor Sheldon Leonard (as Linus), Carl Reiner (the Grouse), Ruth Buzzi (Granny Goodwitch), Bob McFadden (Lovable Truley, So-Hi, Rory Raccoon), Jesse White (Claudius Crow) and additional voices by Jonathan Winters and Jerry Stiller.

The actual cartoon wasn’t a commercial for cereal, which is what all parents had feared. It was good clean fun, a bit bland, but colorful enough to hold the interest of an 9 year old.

Cross-promotion always was a frequently used tool for the ad people.

This was all lifted from cartoon research.
Later, Crispy Critters would have pink elephants and orange moose. Tasted the same, different colors.