one comment---well duh, i am posting one comment, i got 3 hours sleep so uh yeah....anyway......there's only one ad per contest entry allowed.....this might be confusing for people to vote---as in, what ad are they voting for, gosh i hope i'm making sense.....could you please denote that the first one is the contest entry and rest are just there for show please?

and yes, for the reference to the coffee bean counter....
i had no idea they'd been around so long. my husband buys this from time to time. it's got a weird taste i don't much care for, but sometimes a rum and coke is a rum and coke. ;)

yes to the contest. this whole series is really nice.
classic bottom shelf crap, tbh. swear, it's kind of...buttery, almost? i don't know. i DO know it gives me a righteous headache and so i generally try to avoid it.