Hmmm....I sense an N.C. Wyeth picture. Ah...these were the days when true artists often did gorgeous ads. I love the Edison Mazda ads with Maxfield Parrish art in them.
Amazingly relevant! Lexis? (I think). Is hyping V-belt in their new auto. AKA V-belt transmission where a variable width pulley changes the torque via a V-belt rather than discriminate gears. The more the pulley halves squeeze in the more the belt is forced outward and to higher speed / less torque. The up-side is better power usage. The down-side is that the system itself eats up energy in friction.
Interesting. What you describe sounds very much like a Continuously Variable Transmission and was designed by the Van Doorne Brothers in Holland in the 1950s, and first used in a humble car from that country called a DAF. More common usage these days would be in Snowmobile and ATV applications.

I wonder what Lexus is thinking with this?