You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda

Here are some examples of Honda's legendary ad campaign from the '60s, which fueled not only the growth of Honda Corp., but the entire motorcycle industry, making it respectible to ride a bike. I've always had vintage Italian bikes, but what Honda did with ads was better than the vast majority of those from other companies. I love the saturated colors, the happy expressions, the way they show riding as being a social activity, and the being able to ride without helmets (although I can't condone it for children!)

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The guy on the top in the first ad has a tame lion!
*want-want-want* :)
So that's what it is! I couldn't figure out if it was a jaundiced dog or maybe a Dr. Seuss character. Lion makes marginally more sense.
Check your local classifieds. Lots of people selling them, and lots of people buying and restoring them. :-)
YES. And how often can you say that about an ad? (well. pretty often in this community, but you know what I mean.)
Man, those are beautiful. Much handsomer than the vespa knock-offs that flood the light bike and scooter market today. And you can ride with a lion.
Ride with a lion! --I wonder if anyone ever made a sidecar with bars, like a miniature version of the circus wagon they used to show in cartoons.
I remember the ad campaign, but not how beautiful the artwork was. At the time I thought it was hilarious to caption a picture of a Hell's Angel with "You meet the nicest people on a Honda".
It still would be hilarious! Anything that deflates that swollen Harley-driven ego is fine with me.

(and more people should have nice write-ups to go along with the ads they post, this is so nice.)
Thank you! I usually tend to ramble on too much in my own LJ entries, so I tried to keep it short and cheerful here; glad to know that my comments complimented the pictures.
The helmet issue caused a big fuss in the English press recently, even if it didn't involve a bike with a motor. This is a picture of the Queen's nephew taking his daughter to school in the rush hour.

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Viscount Linley astride a Strida, eh? I can understand having one as a toy, but why the hell would he feel compelled to hike his little girl to school on one? And I know he collects vintage motorcycles -- surely that would've been at least somewhat safer. Anyway, don't they have people to do that sort of thing for them?
Yes, I'm not sure what the point was. Perhaps some kind of publicity that went wrong (the Royals are no strangers to publicity stunts that go wrong). I feel that he was trying to make a point of some kind, or perhaps wanted to show "man of the people" cred? Who knows? Inbred the lot of them, which isn't exactly a recipe for significant intellectual capacity!
pretty reckless on his part...and what strikes me about that pix is where his daughter's head is...if he farted she'd be blown off the bike...i don't think the Queen would be amused by this...
What a fun entry! I liked the commentary, and the plethora of ads are all very bright and friendly. Thank you for posting this!