cactuswren (cactuswren) wrote in vintage_ads,

Weekend event -- canned foods

Probably my favorite canned-foods ad of all time.  Good Housekeeping, December 1933:

There's so much going on here.  Her silk peignoir and high-heeled slippers.  Her body language.  The NRA Blue Eagle in an ad featuring two people who are obviously completely unaware that there's such a thing as a Depression going on.  The wreath in the window, and poinsettias on the table:  they're eating pineapple in December. His smoking jacket and that pencil-thin mustache.

And the maid there in the background, calm and collected, with the faint composed smile of someone who has just spit in your fucking center slices. Ma'am.
Tags: 1930s, 1933, canned food, racism, weekend event
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