I'm sure you recognize this lovely melody as Stranger in Paradise, but did you know........

This is truly one of the all-time classic commercials. According to Wikipedia, it was the longest running nationally seen commercial in American TV history, from 1971 to 1984. It ran constantly especially on independent stations like channels 5, 9, and 11 in NY. Anyone who lived through the 70s remembers it, and probably memorized the script and the order of the songs. The prices quoted steadily rose during its run, the "Columbia House" of the original commercial was replaced by "Vista Marketing" (you can tell that they dubbed it in), and the man in the ad, actor John Williams, died in 1983. But the ad went on and on. Ahhh, its a priceless historic commercial, that will enrich every home.
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True; I saw it constantly on channel 5 when I was a kid; just seeing it again now gave me a Proustian moment.
I didn't even have to click on the video to hear the music start in my head...
To this day, if I ever hear that piece of music, I will recite the opening line to this commercial. Years ago I was in a bookstore with friends and they were playing classical music for a change, and the Polovtsian Dances were playing over the store music system. I started my bit, and some unknown person on the other side of the shelves said, "Oh, I know! So many melodies from popular songs were written by the great masters!" I reached over the shelves for the most appropriate high five, and the rest of my day was made. It had been decades since the commercial aired, yet two strangers shared in the ubiquity of this commercial in such a perfect moment.
I forwarded that video to my roommate, and he said, "Actually I remember that promotion, Tchaikovsky wrote a whole slew of top 40 tunes..."