Hey Now!!!!

Our new layout is active!!! I'm gonna be adding posts to the featured post widget. I believe a post for our rules, one for the long term event calendar, another for this week's event calendar, one to feature our contest winner of the month and then ???? i dunno....ideas? suggestions? should we feature an ad of the week? like the ad that gets the most comments? a weekly open post? we have 5 featured posts we can feature....we don't have use to all five, but why not?!

I'll make a proper 'official' announcement sunday, but starting monday, we'll be celebrating our new look with a week long celebration of: the good, the bad, and the how did this get approved ads!! i'll be promoting on the lj front page too....

if you won't be around or want to get a head start, here's how to do a scheduled post....

i sent them, i believe, 14 ads to pick from for our background....i like how things look....please give your feedback on our newly remodeled home!

ETA: I noticed we've also been given a paid account, so hey now there too!! I've sent a question about how to get the featured posts in a particular order (they seem to order themselves). I dunno if I can put them in a specific order or not, I'll find out.

LJ has done a great job with our design, giving us a paid account, and providing us with the ability to promote our community. Many thanks to them!!
Oooh, I love it! The tag cloud is much more manageable than the entire list of all the tags.

I especially love how the black bar initially covers up manic shaving guy and demon bean boy, but also tastefully obscures the naked soldier butt, until you scroll down a bit. I'm not sure it's the same for all resolutions, though.
and the tag link is up top if someone wants all of them!!

yep, the black bar covers the same things for me too! "demon bean boy" best name ever!!!

very spiffy look, i'm really happy with it!
I like the new look :D

You said "like the ad that gets the most comments?" but does the "Popular Entries" list top left cover that already? if not, a weekly feature could be fun - maybe "Mod's Choice" ;D

i plop in the links for popular entries.....(i just sent a question on how to get them in a certain order---if that is possible, like i'd like community rules to be first, then our main calendar, then week's calendar, then contest winner, then ???).....

i dunno if i should be the lone decider!! ;) i'd rather have it based on community input as i try to do all things here!! ooo maybe we could do featured member? though perhaps some members might not to be in the spotlight....(i'm thinking as i type, probably not a good idea!!)
Vintage Ads has a paid account!!! It was created today! When I sent my email question about the popular entry widget---how to order them---I thanked them for that---and all the work they've done for us. They hadn't mentioned giving Vintage Ads a paid account!
Darn, the background ads are so dark I can barely make them out. Oh, well. The entries are nice and clear. :)
I'm sorry they appear so dark for you....I did ask for them to be 'muted' so as to not distract from our current posts....when i 'tested' the site i could make them out--i didn't want them to be crystal clear, as i didn't want the distraction.....i don't think i have my monitor that bright, i'm not sure now though.....any fault or displeasure in the new layout is fully on me since i approved it.....

ads in the background are: the gay yarn ad, a&w ad, maidenform 'wanted' ad, a crane bathroom ad, the lanvin cat ad, demon coke ad, jello monstrosity ad, spicy ketchup ad, demon bean boy ad, happy listerine shaver ad, veggie PSA......those are the ones i can see.....oh canon towel one---actually i think the one that won this months' towel contest....