Miss Tia (misstia) wrote in vintage_ads,
Miss Tia

Hey Now!!!!

Our new layout is active!!! I'm gonna be adding posts to the featured post widget. I believe a post for our rules, one for the long term event calendar, another for this week's event calendar, one to feature our contest winner of the month and then ???? i dunno....ideas? suggestions? should we feature an ad of the week? like the ad that gets the most comments? a weekly open post? we have 5 featured posts we can feature....we don't have use to all five, but why not?!

I'll make a proper 'official' announcement sunday, but starting monday, we'll be celebrating our new look with a week long celebration of: the good, the bad, and the how did this get approved ads!! i'll be promoting on the lj front page too....

if you won't be around or want to get a head start, here's how to do a scheduled post....

i sent them, i believe, 14 ads to pick from for our background....i like how things look....please give your feedback on our newly remodeled home!

ETA: I noticed we've also been given a paid account, so hey now there too!! I've sent a question about how to get the featured posts in a particular order (they seem to order themselves). I dunno if I can put them in a specific order or not, I'll find out.

LJ has done a great job with our design, giving us a paid account, and providing us with the ability to promote our community. Many thanks to them!!
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