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Just over a year ago, an exhibit of horror movie posters from Ghana came to Holyoke Community College.


These 80s advertisements for (mostly) horror movies were hand-painted by local artists on materials that included flour sacks. The writing from the sacks shows through in at least one of the items. That's this one here:

Two Million Deal 2

The promoters went from village to village, showing the movies on a VCR and TV set powered by a generator. The posters were re-used in town after town.


There were a couple dozen posters in all, and they were for sale as well. I learned about the show from another blogger in my area and drove over and snapped photos of all of them, plus extras to be sure I got everything, and some close-ups.

Highway to the Grave

I don't know what the movies were like, but the posters have images that make quite an impact. Fish-lady! Bony woman! Upskirt dwarf with feather! (I don't want to know what he's seeing.)

Snake Kingdom

Religious images! Snakes! Martin Luther King Snake! Bowls of blood!

7 Days

Snake in the belly!

The Child


Ancestors of the Past

The ability of the artists varies somewhat. This guy has great technique in a lot of ways, and is just a little bit off in others.


This one is almost like a Byzantine icon in its treatment of the devil guy. He's bad!


More religious imagery.

Black Angel

Nuns with guns.

Okay, we've seen the highlights. There are still some others in my flickr set, including close-ups of the most lurid parts. Happy Halloween, folks!
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