Wow, I think that's an 8-year-old. Talk about inappropriate.
Out of your last five or so posts, all but one of them were reposts. Please check back a few pages in the community before you post.
Some of us are new to the community and don't mind a few reposts. Besides, as pointed out, these are all reposts when you think about it.

On to other things... that is one creepy ad.
yeah, an oldie but a goodie. It's been posted here a few times. That hand doesn't belong to her. I know a woman who's about to turn forty but still looks twelve. Can't be fun.

Maybe it's because it's Halloween, but she strikes me as a vampire and that hand is the hand of the adult she just drained of blood. Now she's all human-looking because she just fed.
Creepiness aside, I was in love with Baby Soft when I was younger. Love's had some other good scents too, like this one that smelled just like lemons...yum!
Yeah, I had a set too! There was a blue one that was named something to do with rain, the yellow lemon one, the classic pink, a purple one that had something to do with jasmine...and some others that I can't remember.
omg you're right! there was also a light jade colour - i wonder if they still sell them somewhere...

i found these!
fresh lemon (i don't remember that packaging)
rain scent (that was the bottle i had - waah i want this one!)
soft jasmin (again, not a package i ever saw)

ah, memories!
Mmmhmm! The spray bottle in the middle is the packaging my set looked like, but I also had some of those other short round-top bottles.

Oh, there was a vanilla one as well! I remembered just now because I had some of the vanilla and the classic pink in those short bottles.

Really takes me back to my pre-teen years!
I have to go take a shower or 50 now. Where are the Brillo pads?
I have this strange urge to shoot Ronald Reagan to impress her.
Her head doesn't look like it belongs on her body. Or the hand doesn't belong with that head.

She makes me think of Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby.