In Response To Today's Trojan Ad

It struck me how condom ads have changed from "prevent pregnancy" to "prevent disease" over the years. And that reminded me of these French condom/safe sex ads. I googled to find out what year they first appeared and could not find the answer so I'm not sure if they qualify for here or not (if not, feel free to  nuke this post.)

I think they are a minimum of 15 years old though I can't say for sure. Trying to remember exact dates I saw posters in bathrooms of gay bars while drunk at 4 a.m. is challenging.

I'm not sure if they would be considered NSFW by American standards or not, so I am employing a cut. (Are dude butts NSFW? We have ads with dude butts at tram stops here but I haven't been in America for ages.)

Again if they are not old enough or offend anyone feel free to kill this post. I just thought it was interesting in context.



I'm the only one who can 'kill' a post and I certainly see no reason to do so here! :) Even if they aren't within our age requirements---rules are always meant to be broken!! I think bare butts are safe for work, the second one is one I also wouldn't consider nsfw but i'd leave it up to the poster.

I'd love to know what in the world they were thinking when they thought these up!! You know some people would LIKE these situations to happen---spider/scorpion sex.
Yeah, they are super weird. But the French do super weird public service ads anyway.

About five years ago their anti smoking campaign featured what at first appeared to be young teenagers giving blow jobs to middle aged men, but when you looked closely it was a cigarette, not a dick coming out of their zippers.

I know these ads are fairly old, because the spider one was made when people were still concerned that cunnilingus was a high HIV risk sex act, and I don't think that's been the thought for a while.

I think they were trying to be as scary as possible. There has always been a high resistance to condom usage in France because of the Catholic heritage, so they may have figured they needed shock value.

I only ever saw these ones in gay and lesbian bars (fairly obvious which type of bar got which ad.) and I guess they were trying to go with the idea that "you can get bugs."
that article didn't even pick up on the 'oral fixation' theme.....but yeah, those are weird....
They were plastered on every tram stop in town for like a month.

I can only imagine little kids asking their parents about them...
They would have been considered "over the edge?"

Of these I suspect the gay male one was more effective.

The spider one was promoting dental dams and I never saw anyone ever take any of the dental dams from the dental dam basket at the lesbian bar.
Very low and that's what makes me think these ads may date back 20 years - because it's been a long time since safe sex ads targeted lesbian sex.

But I'm almost 47 and have been going to bars since I was 17 so I can't say with any certainty at all when I saw them.

They did leave a lasting impression. (And honestly if someone is in a gay bar their head is more likely to listen to fear than reason when it comes to sex.)
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Even if you hadn't said, I would've guessed these were either from Europe (mainland) or maybe Brazil. First reaction was, oh these are so Archive (I searched the Lurzer's site and I'm honestly shocked this campaign didn't come up)

Anyway it's interesting you posted this because that Trojan ad came from a search where i was looking for 80s condom ads -- especially the ones that are clearly about AIDS / HIV but don't actually say it. They talk about risk and health and safety .. and although the one I posted isn't quite what I was looking for, it does mention STDs, in addition to pregnancy. I'm not sure how much it was the political climate in the US or if there were legal reasons (fear of getting sued) that they wouldn't say HIV. I even found one with a woman that says "I never thought I'd buy a condom" (again, no mention of HIV but the implication is "I always thought condoms were for filthy prostitutes, not nice girls on birth control like me")
Yeah, it's really interesting from a marketing perspective how thing slowly shifted from pregnancy, to pregnancy with hints of STDs to full blown STDs purposes.
Great insight.

Also, please note my icon. Had it for years as my sole icon and this is the first time it's ever been relevant to anything. Yay!