Feedback please!

Our event calendar goes thru April, well actually the first weekend of May. What events/contest themes would you like after that? Here's our event calendar and I put 'past events' at the end, so you can see what we've done. Of course we can always redo a topic, as many topics are endless. There are, of course, dates that we do do every year, such as:

January 1st we welcome the newest year into Vintage Ads
Starting next year we're going to have Bowie Break the Rules days January 8 - 10
On MLK, Jr. day we have positive representation of African Americans in ads
January 27th we'll honor Thomas Crapper
February 12th is Peter Cooper's birthday, and he invented jello, where would we be without that?
April 1st and October 31st are 'ads in disguise days' were fake ads can be posted
I know there's other days we always do, but you get the idea.

What suggestions, ideas do you have? Yes, I am going to work on expanding our event calendar soon! :)

Any other ideas/suggestions/etc are always welcome and if you don't wish to post them in the comments you can always PM me!
February 12th is Peter Cooper's birthday, and he invented jello, where would we be without that?

How about Spam? The inventor or popularizer, or something? Tie in with internet spam? :)
That's right! That reminds me Ron Popeil's bday is gonna be a 'day'---he of Ronco fame! That's May 3rd!!

But yes, the inventor of spam should definitely have a day in vintage ads!! I'll look into that and assign a day! Thank you! :)
that's how vintage ads operates--community feedback! :) it's OUR community, i want everyone --if they wish---to have a sense of 'ownership' here....
Just stream of consciousness off the top of my head:
Hawaii, restaurants, stripes, things you'd want if you were stranded on a desert island, cops & robbers (ads with police and/or criminals in them), fire, world's worst jobs, the early days of the internet, your dream car and/or house, condoms & birth control, kitchen appliances, non-chocolate candy, camping, aromatic ads (ads that look like they would smell really good or bad).

Oh and we could do a vintage ads "fuck marry kill" - each post would just need to have 3 people / celebrities / characters in it, whether they're all in 1 ad or in 3 different ads.

Past ones I've enjoyed: your birth year, out of business, addresses (what's in the location now), double entendres
re: your stream of consciousness list---which are all great and i shall include them all: the dream car/house, what if it was 'if you won the lottery'? that would of course cover house/car but other things one would buy....i guess it'd have to be worded 'things you'd buy if you hit the jackpot'....something like that....

also restaurants, should it be non-chain? or chain? or do both specifications separately? i like the idea of non-chocolate candy and i think we did that once a couple years ago.....

i confess i had to ask mr. google about FMK....that sounds fun....

birth year is one that will always be included on the calendar....i'll ensure out of business, double entrendres are included and addresses too--though not many people do that one i like it too :) i always stress with that one that the poster doesn't have to look up what's there now, just post it and someone else will find it!