i wonder gloria swanson made these popular? they obviously never really caught on....pretty clever, though they might be impractical? i'm not a smoking so i dunno....
My partner and I are both smokers and we both just tried to smoke a cigarette while the cig is at than angle and it doesn't work!
ah, field test! :) thank you!! that might explain why no one is shown actually smoking from it, just holding it!
Yes, I was wondering! She uses one in Sunset Boulevard. One of her ridiculous affectations!

God I love that movie.
i do too!! i even have a book about it somewhere around here....there's so much in it!! especially with stroheim as her butler---who was once her director in RL....stroheim, imo, is overlooked for his contributions to film, as is swanson---both are mostly remembered for sunset boulevard.....there's so much more to them!! but that movie is just so perfectly done!
Great post - just you try to look cool with one of these rings on, a challenge truly!!
So it's a roach clip for tobacco cigarettes?
A precursor to today's fingertip tablet stylus?
THAT'S IT: a single-finger way to smoke WHILE using your smartphone!