I miss seeing Brach's candy. I also didn't know the names of those nougata before.

I think the number of consumers who would shoplift handfuls of candies from the displays in the supermarket undercut their profits. I mean, I never did, I was a good little boy. But years later, I remember lots of people admitting that they did. I miss getting the Brach’s toffees in my hoard of Halloween candy.
Oh yeah, those bins were so tempting. I think Kerr's had similar bins in department stores and grocery stores. There was a metal box where you could plunk your dime - I always did anyway :-)

We had no shortage of candy unfortunately growing up - and almost 40 years later I'm still paying for it with my horrible teeth :S


i had actually forgotten about the jelly nougats until i saw them again, so that was fun. :)