Miss Tia (misstia) wrote in vintage_ads,
Miss Tia

Alphabetic Event Calendar +

Okay, I have added our the guest hosts that we have so far to our huge honkin' main calendar and also switched a few things around to accommodate our guest host. While looking up stuff on the calendar it dawned on me it was sort of difficult to look thru. Viola! Alphabetical listing calendar!! I also put a link to the alphabetical calendar on our popular entry widget on the left hand side of the main page and a link in the sticky post.

I know it's currently in the post below, but I wanted to make a separate post. If you see something you'd like to guest host, please just let me know. Guest hosting just involves posting a few ads (not necessarily necessary) and commenting on people's who participate posts. If you see something you'd like to host but the date(s) don't work for you, just let me know!! Things can be changed!! The calendar isn't written in stone and is very flexible! :)

Now I gotta check/change some scheduled event announcements and make sure they're correct. This should have been done a week or so ago; but real life got in the way. Damn you real life!! I had thought I had extracted myself from a bad situation, but it came back to try to grab me one more time. I've finally gotten that resolved---shut the door, triple locked it, bricked it over, put bars up, dug a moat which I stocked with sharks, piranha, and jellyfish. HAH!

If you have ANY ideas/suggestions for events, PLEASE give 'em!! We can add events, we can expand past July '17, it's okay! It's all of our community and everyone has a say---you don't even have to have posted ads to have a say! Everyone is valued here.
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