Testone Radium Appliance and Suspensory

Other Names
Testone Radium Energizer
Product dates
6" x 3" rubber envelope containing radium salts protected with a silk cover. To be worn
wrapped around the testicles and held in place with
the suspensory - 6" x 5" cloth pouch withbands of fabric to tie around the waist and legs.
The Home Products Co.  Denver, CO
Manufacturer Claims
Contains 20μg refined, measured radium. Applies the energizing
gamma rays to the male gonada, or testes. These vital sex glands will be
normally active flooding the individual with pep and a sense of fitness, well-being and happiness.

pep and a sense of fitness, well-being and happiness...

...and no progeny.
Did Donald Trump's father wear one of these?

Because that would explain the hair.
ACK! I read the bit about Gamma Rays -- and promptly thought of the Incredible Hulk!!