I was just going to post that! Josephine the Plumber was pretty progressive for the time. It's interesting how there are subtle subversions out there in pop culture that people don't realize at face value, but it sticks in their subconscious and does make a difference, even if only a minute one.

That's why Marlo Thomas in That Girl was groundbreaking in that Ann Marie was a single girl going for her own career in the Big Apple. She wasn't chasing after men in order to marry them. She and her boyfriend Donald had a good relationship, but neither one was in a hurry to get married. Pretty refreshing for the mid-Sixties!

Of course Josephine was breaking ground in a male-dominated profession (which it still is today) and she was shown as competent in an area that did involve the kitchen but, hey, she was a plumber, not a nurse or secretary or fashion magazine editor.