Ticket Books (::shudder::)

If you are old enough to remember these, you remember how awful they were.   I'll summarize:

1. "A" tickets were the slowest, most boring "attractions." (<--quotes on purpose) "E" ticket rides kicked ass.
2. You got 3 (maybe 4) E-tickets, but it seemed like 2.
3. Once you used up the E-tickets, you had NO MORE TICKETS FOR THE COOLEST RIDES.
4. Sad downward spiral for the rest of your visit.  Happiest place on Earth, my ass.

I remember always coming home with extras. They were all pastel colors, too. Look at those prices!
When I went to Disney World in 1976, Space Mountain was an E ticket; actually, I didn't know they'd changed the system.
Very familiar from 1969 visits and beyond ... much, much planning of the day! And catering to both adults and kids ... *reminisces* There were aching feet from pounding up and down the stairs at Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and getting used to the humidity of the summer in SoCal, etc. etc., etc. I remember the Blue Bayou restaurant being deliciously air conditioned so we stretched our mealtimes out as long as possible.
We went in '67, and I remember these books well. I don't know why I remember that there were just a couple of the E tickets and a bigger number of A tickets, but I was eleven and didn't have control of my book. Of course, maybe Mom tried to get by with fewer than four books... Overall, I was underwhelmed by Disneyland.