Back-handed compliments and humble-brags from KBF!

Knott's Berry Farm, ever locked in a struggle for visitors with immensely more popular (and way more fun) Disneyland, decided to go negative with the headline, but it's all in good fun and mutual respect (?) as the glowing text proves.

Disney's matching ad is nice too, and yet odd in its own way.

Okay maybe I'm really tired----i am---but I don't pick up on passive aggressiveness. It seems creatively sincere and perhaps with the cynicism and cut throat rivalries that have occurred through the years, it's hard to view this from 1980. Advertising was still rather creative then--original jingles, etc
I don't see it either. And without Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm would have vanished decades ago......
Maybe that's the undertone I'm imagining - the older sibling outdone by the upstart younger bro. But they get along.

But Knott's did favor the double-entendre headlines:

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Those are good headlines there! I dunno if the second ad in your post was there last night---and didn't show, or I was too tired to see it; but that was really nice of Disney to do a return ad. It's nice to see cooperation, if you wish to call it that, between them.
SoCal has so darn much to do in limited visits and D'land wins each time, I'd suppose -- there are the locals who go several times a year to amusement parks -- this seems geared to them? *ponders* The top ad is really cute!