Now, I'm not particularly into sports; but I grew up watching the Cubs on WGN, most times to listen to Harry Carrey go off topic or trying to say player's names backwards. Somewhere he's shouting "CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!! HOLY COW!!!!" Of course they'll probably blow it in the world series, I sure hope not though. If they win the series, I'll be a party of one yelling out my window and honking my car horn, as apparently that's what Cleveland fans do.

As a sports fan and a baseball fan in particular, I am yelling for the Cubs right now!! ]D What a trip if they win!!
We watched it last night, and screamed with delight!

The best part was watching the team charge the field and hug each other, transported by happiness!
I had to chuckle when you wrote the Cubs would probably blow it in the Series- that's what Indians fans usually say!

Go, Cubs, Go!
Cubs win!
Yes, again!
I’m sorry me and my bestie didn’t see the entire game; however, the last thing we saw was the Cubs trailing. Ultimately, that didn’t exactly last long. Too bad we missed it, though. I’m not sure when—or even how—the Cubbies managed to pull of a victory.
I am glad today’s an afternoon game/. I wonder what the score’s going to end up being. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen during today’s game. Since we’re playing the Cardinals, chances are that the scoring could go either way. Of course, the scoring could also go back and forth—as it often does.
Cubs win again!
Last night was another big score; however, I now wish me and Sean hadn’t missed it. Unfortunately, we probably still would’ve fallen asleep, missing out on the adventurous game that seemed to only go in one direction—once the Cubbies recovered from their slump.